100 percent design week

Welcome back to the Creative Awards London blog where we bring you the latest in our custom made awards, designs and more. This week we turn our heads to the forthcoming 100% Design Week that takes place from the 19th to the 22nd of September at the Olympia in London.

At Creative Awards Kondon we have a passion for good design. Be it the simple ergonomics of a table set, the lofty ambitions of an interior designer or even just the aesthetics of a well made product; we appreciate the fundamentals of good design.

In our recent conversations with the luxury interior designer Katharine Pooley, Toks Arouture founder of The Baby Cot Shop we have discussed what good design is and what it means to each individual. We are excited to attend the 100% exhibition that brings together the World's very best designs and designers.

For over two decades 100% has been a feature within the design calendar of many associations and businesses. From designers, architects, specifiers and retailers the exhibition offers an opportunity for different businesses to meet, discuss new ideas and trends as well as enjoy new inspiring designs unique to the occasion.

Taking place during the London Design Festival, the show will feature inspiring installations, collaborations and high-end design with a fresh and exciting approach that showcases innovation and exciting talent. 

Our designers and craftsman will be popping along to the event and are giddy in anticipation about the thought of such a wealth of beautiful design. We will be livestreaming the event via our Facebook and Instagram profiles and hope to meet you there!