A Few Highlights

Welcome back to the Creative Awards London blog where we bring you the very best in our custom made awards and trophies from our London workshop. Now, isn't 2019 moving at a rather quick pace? No sooner did the clock strike 12 on the 31st of December than we find ourselves half way through March; just where has the time gone? Well, we've been rather busy and time flies when you're having fun as the old adage goes. We've rounded up a few highlights of 2019 so far to bring our top awards for the first quarter of this year.

Skull Awards

Little Black Book Online AwardsGood ideas never die is the strap line for the Immortal Awards and is more than fitting for the absolute best offerings from the advertising world. The highly desirable, and even more difficult to win, awards kicked off in London before a globe trotting tour of celebrating and rewarding the finest creative minds within advertising. Creative Awards London worked closely with the advanced materials lab of a leading London university to create the trophies for the inaugural Immortal Awards that took place in February 2019. Commissioned by Little Black Book Online (a veritable bible within the creative and advertising fields) these awards will grace the shelves of the best agencies across the planet. 

Fist Bump Awards

Fist Bump AwardsFriends! Now, if you haven't seen our resin awards you are in for an absolute treat. The Fist Bumps were specially cast using real teenage hands to celebrate the cast of the iconic teenage TV series. Finished in fetching gold, adding that magical touch of ceremony of course, the hands were mounted onto a custom made base. 

RICS Black Acrylic Block with Flash Award

RICS AwardFrom the rounded, organic lines of the Fist Bump Awards comes something very different. A modernist, contemporary award featuring angular lines and geometric patterns. The bespoke trophy is made from a single piece of black acrylic block creating a with a custom made silver skyline profile, a nod towards the industry of which the awards commemorate.  Check out more of our bespoke acrylic awards for more inspiration. 

For more information on any of our awards and to get in contact with out dedicated team email us via sales@creativeawardslondon.co.uk or call 020 8159 2748 for a quotation or to discuss any ideas that you may have.