A Slice of Saturday Night

Welcome back to the Creative Awards London blog where we bring you the very best in our bespoke trophies expertly designed and made from our London workshop. Now, as you may well know, our awards have graced the ceremonies of some of the biggest events and stages in the world. In one particular corner of our bulging awards cabinet are a certain range of awards that we have made for the nation’s favourite TV shows. In fact, pry a little further and you will see that a certain section is dedicated to gameshows. That’s right, those Saturday evening family friendly shows, or not in one particular case, are something that we simply love to both watch and work on. Pitting members of the public or celebs in various challenges, game shows are the backbone of weekend TV. To celebrate these awesome awards, we showcase our top TV and game show awards

Generation Game

Generation Game AwardGood old Brucey and this legendary TV show. Part of the cultural makeup of British culture, famous lines associated with the guessing of electrical items have became a staple part of our lexicon. ‘It's a TV.... A washing machine.... It's a cuddly toy’. Many of us have grown up with good old Brucey and The Generation Game. Back with a bang in 2018 and presented by Mel and Sue, Creative Awards London were asked to create the award for the new series. Custom lettering captures the brand and places the family favourite at the heart of the award’s identity. What would you prefer to win? A washing machine or this award? We certainly know what we prefer.

Through the Keyhole

through the keyhole awardMr. Lemon, Keith to his friends presumably. Could you guess who the celebrity is from random items in their house? An old sock, a photo frame an unwashed cup? If the answer to any of these questions is yes from you then well done, we guess. One of our most bling awards the Through the Keyhole Award is a resplendent gold lock glittering in hand set crystals. This fabulously fun awards captures the excitement and playfulness of the show.

You’re back in the room award for ITV

Back in the room awardOur friends over at ITV approached us to create a special commission. You’re Back in the Room is a minimalist award that is eye catching and to the point. Bright colours and hi res graphics are set, using top secret techniques, into the optically clear acrylic body. One that looks good equally on the mantelpiece or on an awards stage, the custom acrylic award is a colourful and on brand piece.

British Soap Awards

british soap awardsCan you hear the iconic chime of Eastenders? Perhaps a wailing Pat Butcher? The British Soap Awards is a delightful award that has been held aloft by the stars of the silver screen. Soaps, their name coming from the washing powder adverts that used to run in between, are viewed by an estimated 20 million people a week in the UK making them one of the UK’s most popular TV genres. To celebrate our love of soaps, a  silver plated truncated profile of tube with a hand blown 'Soap' bubble engraved with the event logo and winner's details.

Coronation Street Award

Corrie AwardOh Corrie! The fables of our Northern Brethren and their (mis)adventures. Running for over 50 years, Coronation Street is one of the nation’s favourites. To celebrate the achievements of reaching the 50 year milestone Creative Awards London were tasked with designing an award that would be given to the cast and production crew. A simple, clear acrylic disc was revamped in our inimitable style with the images of the famous terraced houses of the street added. The choice of deep orange sunset adding a rich warming feel to this celebratory award.

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