A Sprinkle of Magic July 24, 2018 14:55

Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog where we showcase the very best of our custom made awards and totally awesome designs. In today’s blog entry, we sit down and chat with one of the UK’s best party planners, Katie Burnett from Les Enfants Parties.

prop and theme partyIf you don’t know, Les Enfants Parties create bespoke children’s parties that are, quite simply, out of this World. From party styling, catering to entertainment, Les Enfants Parties are truly special and one of a kind. Taking place in the most exquisite venues across London, Katie and her team transform the locations into magical themed events that leave their guests (both young and old) delighted. We sat down with director and founder Katie to have a chin wag about all things parties and events.


What makes you different from other children’s party organisers?

cupcakeThat's a good question. Well, at Les Enfants we really pride ourselves on our special little touches and party styling that tie together the theme and setting. I have always believed that those extra touches, theming and styling in particular, really set our work apart from other companies. For example, with our recent Fortnite party other companies would focus on elaborate and over the top props whereas we wanted each individual element to be perfect. From the themed cupcakes, the colour matched balloons, the detailing on all of the deserts and food, our attention to detail created something spectacular. We're unique in the sense that our parties do the little things perfectly to create an overall setting that ties each little bit together. 

What tips can you offer for organising a party for any age?

bespoke balloonsI have a few golden rules I follow to make sure it all goes smoothly and these are certainly applicable for any party or event. Like with most things planning is of the utmost importance. We have to work with a range of different suppliers to ensure that each part of the puzzle comes together to create one of our parties. If you plan well in advance; the catering, decoration and, of course, the invitations then really on the day you just wait to assemble and bring it all together. Make sure that when you work with whoever is supplying your party give them clear instructions and, on the day of the party, stagger when the different elements will arrive as to not overwhelm yourself.

At Creative Awards, we are all about design. What influences your venue dressing and styling?

We're lucky in the sense that our clients usually opt for a classic theme or something very new. Obviously princesses, superheros and animal themed parties are classic but I also love working on new trends and all the new things that children are into to. We recently completed a Peter Rabbit themed party where the styling was based around the pastel colours of the original artwork which looked very classic yet contemporary. For a recent Michael Jackson themed party we created a more modern feel and theme. Our clients sometimes approach ourselves with a basic idea that we flesh out but we also help to nurture their sense of creativity and create something magical based on the interests of their children. 

Finally, if you were to design an award. What would it be for? Who would win it?

I have to say that I haven't considered award designing before. I would create an award for all of my team to say thank you for all of their hard work. I think a simple design, maybe just the words themselves as the body of the award with images of all of our parties on would work. I'll probably leave that one to yourselves though...

Once again, thank you to Katie for taking the time to sit down and chat to us. For more information on Les Enfants Parties' luxury children's parties and more contact them via +44 (0) 20 8502 9988 and info@lesenfants.co.uk