Add some bang to your event with Fireworks September 18, 2018 11:28

Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog where we bring you the very best of our custom made awards and trophies. In today's blog post we speak with our friend Stuart of Firework Crazy who shares four ways that fireworks can add that bang to your event. 

A great event requires amazing entertainment. Provide your event attendees with something to talk about and they’ll remember your event for far more than who drunk the most or gave the best speech.

Fireworks are wonderful for adding a touch of the spectacular to any event, Here are tips on how to use them for maximum effect.

What Can You Do With Fireworks?

There is no single way to use fireworks. Yes, you fire them and they explode, but we can be far more nuanced than that. There are a number of different types of fireworks and they can be used in many creative ways. Here are four ways to include fireworks at your event.

A Traditional Fireworks Display

The most common option is to organise a fireworks display at some point during the event. This could be right at the start of the night or it could be the grand finale, depending on the reason for your event. Displays will naturally require everyone to be outdoors so this is especially good for summer events. Your display could be a longer show or just a short burst of stunning fireworks, depending on how you want the display to fit into your night.

Indoor Fireworks

You could choose to include indoor fireworks at your event. You can be quite creative with indoor fireworks, whether you go for full on pyro or something simple and effective. Think walk-ons at the darts or even WWE entrances, depending on your venue and budget!

These could be used to add a dramatic effect to handing out awards. This will ensure the moment for the person receiving the beautiful award is definitely memorable!


Sparklers are simple but always deserve a special mention. Sparklers could be used around tables, as table décor or you could pick giant sparklers and have them on either side of the venue entrance, creating a spectacular welcome for your guests.

Photography Props

Fireworks might not sound like a photography prop but you could definitely put them to this particular use. Professional photographers will be able to take photos that capture the effects of fireworks and sparklers. If you want to take many professional photos at your event, you should definitely consider including fireworks to your photos.

You can be creative with your fireworks and include them at different times in the event – there is room for fireworks from the start to finish.

What Do You Need to Take into Account?

Before you can start planning how to include fireworks at your event, you must check a few things. It’s important to talk to the venue about your plans and to clear any specifics they might have in terms of their firework policy. Some might allow indoor fireworks but not outdoors, while others might require you to hire fireworks professionals for your display rather than taking care of it yourself.

Both DIY and professional displays offer plenty of options in terms of your budget, but having professionals in charge of fireworks will reduce the stress of planning on your side and mean bigger, better, and louder fireworks can be used.

Make Your Night Special With Fireworks

Fireworks can be an amazing addition to your event. The reason you can use them in many creative ways will help you make the most out of them. So take the above tips into account and turn your next event spectacular with fireworks!

Once again we would like to thank Stuart for offering his insights into what fireworks can bring to your event. For more information on Firework Crazy, and Stuart, contact the team via