An award for the ages

We think you will dig this award! Commissioned especially by a leading archaeological association Creative Award London's latest custom metal award is one for the ages. The client's brief 'to capture the past and preserve it within the award' saw our design team search for iconic images from history and archaeology to create an exciting custom award.

With the client being based in the UK we felt it important to draw from the history of the island. Stonehenge, Roman settlements and Hadrian's Wall were some of the ideas that started the creative process. Whilst each of our initial ideas would have worked it was felt that, although iconic in their own right, none of them would be as immediately recognisable as the Sutton Hoo helmet.

If you don't know, the Sutton Hoo helmet has a pretty incredible history. Found in a grassy mound in Sutton Hoo, Suffolk, long after the wooden ship that once carried it across many seas had dissolved back into the earth, the Anglo-Saxon warrior helmet was discovered. Unearthed amongst swords, shields and other battle items, the helmet is believed to date from the 7th century and to have belonged to a nobleman. Made from iron with bronze plates, the Sutton Hoo helmet is often cited as one of the greatest examples and most well preserved of all finds from the period.

To create the award a custom piece of aluminium was cut into a rough outline of the helmet. To create the tone tone effect, the award was sand blasted to firstly create the ear flaps at the side  and the rounded chin at the bottom. Additional detail was created through hand engraving the intricate patterns on the nose and bridge of the piece. Finally details of the client were added to the forehead of the award and, keeping with the message and brief, mock Anglo-Saxon text was added, bringing the piece together before being highly polished adding extra shine and glamour.

The result? An iconic piece of history captured perfectly as an award to celebrate the achievements for our client.

N.B: If you are looking for Anglo-Saxon battle wear we, unfortunately, cannot help you. However, if you are looking for an exceptional and thought-provoking award then we certainly can. Contact our teams on or call 020 8159 2748 for a quotation or to discuss any ideas that you may have.