An Interview with Acoris Andipa

With a close connection to the artworld, our studio has assisted and produced various pieces for artist Alexandra Carr, we have a deep love and appreciation of art. Within our own bespoke award designs, much inspiration often comes from the world of art - for example the great American pop art movement can be seen in our !ow! Award and Pop Art Cube. With art in mind, we speak with Director Acoris Andipa of the Andipa gallery about how good design and good art go hand in hand. 

“Art and design, throughout history, have always had a symbiotic relationship. A mutual understanding in a sense. One where the reciprocal nature of mutual inspiration exists. Awards are tangible recognitions of success, embodying the dedication, perseverance, and talent that recipients bring to their respective fields. Consequently, the design of these awards must reflect such high values and contribute to the celebratory essence of the moment.

“In my opinion, design is, in essence, an intricate dance between form and function, aesthetics and symbolism. Good design is founded on principles of usability, simplicity, and consistency, but in the realm of award-making, I imagine that it must also embrace the deeper layers of meaning, symbolism, and narrative. An award, from my limited knowledge of the subject, must be visually captivating and thoughtfully designed, in line with the ethos of the organisation it represents and the accomplishment it honours.

“Art, on the other hand, thrives in the realm of emotion, interpretation, and human expression. It delves into realms of symbolism and metaphor, touching the subconscious and stirring the soul. Good art can elicit profound reactions, evoke memories, stimulate thought, or simply enthral with its beauty. Bad art can also do this too, of course!

“The cross-pollination of ideas between art and design is a fascinating phenomenon. Artists and designers continually inspire each other, creating a feedback loop of creativity and innovation. The artistic process fuels the creative spark in design.Conversely, the rigorous principles of design guide artistic ventures, ensuring a balanced and coherent final product.

“Great designers incorporate creative artistry into the pragmatic boundaries of design, resulting in awards that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also serve as profound symbols of achievement. Likewise, we have seen throughout history the interplay between design and art - we can recall the wonderful winged creations of Da Vinci, for example.

“At Andipa, we have a strong appreciation of aesthetics both within the artworks and artists that we deal with and a wider appreciation of design. From an early age I have always been fascinated about how these two worlds coexist and, if I did not own an art gallery, I would most likely be attracted to working within the wide field of design. Whether it is looking upon the technical mastery of printmaking in beautiful Andy Warhol original artwork for sale or the conceptual boundaries that can be found in Damien Hirst art, working within the artworld has given me a window into how design and art can often mirror each other.

“What is particularly existing is how the development of new technologies brings about a sense of almost democratisation of both worlds. We see, in art, how the gallery model, for certain artists, is being challenged through the internet and the selling of art. And, likewise, within design we see how 3D printing for example, previously unobtainable for many in regards to price, can now be acquired for a lot less. Central to the evolution and development of both fields is the need for creativity - one that technology can aid but not provide. For both art and design to continue to flourish there remains something deeply human at their centres. One that the human spirit has always provided the creative spark for”.

All at Creative Awards would like to thank Acoris for his interesting words and for more information  about Andipa Gallery, visit