Autumn Inspired Awards September 05, 2018 09:51

Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog where we bring you the very best in our custom designed awards and trophies. Now, September is here and after a scorching summer we are ready for the days to get shorter, the nights to become longer and the cold embrace of Autumn to reach out and give us a hug. With Autumn firmly in mind we offer you some Autumn Inspired Awards for your event or awards ceremony and give you a few ideas to design your own award.


silver bespoke umbrella awardAfter one of the hottest Summer's on record we're due a downfall of rain. What better way to keep yourself dry than with our custom designed umbrella award for one of the UK's biggest insurers (we're sure you recognise ii). The bespoke award was handcrafted by one of our craftsman, a background in jewellery we may add, and features a sterling silver umbrella resting on a black base. 

Sausage Award

golden resin sausage awardFor us one of the biggest comforts in the Autumn when we retire from the workshop, brace ourselves for the inevitable leaves on the track and get home is the thought of a nice comforting meal. Sausage and mash? Toad in the hole? Just a few of our creature comforts that fill our bellies and ourselves with joy. The resin award was produced to celebrate the humble British banger and was awarded to the very best butchers in the country. Starting life out as a hand sculpted statue, the resin material allowed us to capture a vast amount of detail and create an almost organic, life like feel. 


bentley award in woodAs the seasons slowly change the leaves on the trees turn to deep, golden hues, burnt reds and crisp oranges. Our nod towards the season of mist and mellow fruitfulness is this custom wooden award for Bentley that shows off the beautiful rich grain of the wood. Featuring a hand engraved motif and writing, this classic award is Autumn in a nutshell. 


resin chili awardBrrr.. the cold is certainly going to set in soon so we want to warm your cockles with this chili award. Using a similar process to our super sausage award, the chili award is finished in warming gold that captures the luxury of the event. Commissioned by one of the world's most famous household names, our creative designers drew inspiration from one of the world's oldest foodstuffs. 

Empire Film Award

empire awardFinally, what better way to relax and shelter from the cold, rainy days of Autumn and winter than with a good film? Previous winners include, well there are too many to name, and the Empire Film Award has become as iconic as the films it celebrates. Featuring a highly polished metal body and custom cut acrylic lettering, this fabulous film award makes us wish for a good film, a cosy couch and a nice glass of red. 


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