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Welcome back to the Creative Awards  London blog where we showcase our latest custom made awards and designs. Many clients who come to us have a certain look or feel for the award that they want. Our design process incorporates discussing the clients’ ideas and wishes and helping them to flourish in order to match their award to their ideas. Continuing our theme of gold coloured and silver coloured awards, we look at blue awards this week and offer some Creative Awards London inspiration for those looking for blue award design ideas. 

Blue Cube

Blue Acrylic AwardSmall but packing a punch, the Blue Cube Award was commissioned by a leading British newspaper. Created from a custom made mould, the design features a cube that carefully balances on one of its corners. Designed to proudly rest on the desks of the winners, the award is made from tinted blue acrylic and features a fetching silver infill. This award design illustrates that small, original tweaks to elements such as how the award will rest can make an impactful, and original award.

Wave Block

Blue Acrylic AwardThe Blue Wave Block is one of our most innovative and popular designs. Made from custom cast acrylic Perspex the design features a tinted blue acrylic body with bespoke anchor motif on the front face. What makes the Wave Block so special is the wave effect on the crown of the award. We used a special, industry leading technique to create the effect that mimics the high seas. Looking at the award from various angles changes the blue tone inside creating an organic effect that responds to the human touch.

Gold Key

Blue Award By Creative AwardsWhen designing blue coloured awards it is important to consider just how the colour can be used. Sometimes, as detailed above, the colour can be the principal design choice and on other occasions it can take a backseat and be used as a secondary design choice. For the Gold Key award blue features as a secondary colour choice which compliments the gold key with the deep blue elegantly contrasting against the bright gold.


Blue ECG AwardWhen designing our awards our team carefully look to incorporate existing motifs and logos into the finished award allowing the brand to be at the forefront of the design. The blue BUPA ECG logo was custom cast and finished with colour match paint. Much like the gold key award the blue of the logo subtly plays off of the base of the award and allows the viewers gaze to be drawn to the brand. 

Retail Excellence 

Blue Award InspirationThe Retail Excellence award features a dark blue acrylic tint that is enhanced by the custom cut silver metal star on the face of the body. Choosing a darker tone of acrylic enhances the contrast between the metal and body and a more dramatic effect. Visiaully, the use of a raised, metal star also adds more depth to the body which is comprised of a single block of custom cut acrylic. The design choice here made what could be a very standard, and still fetching, dark blue acrylic block pop.

For more information about any of our awards featured, contact our team via or call 020 8159 2748 for a quotation or to discuss any ideas that you may have.

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