Broadening the Mind October 16, 2017 12:19

Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog bringing you the best in bespoke awards, custom made for the biggest and brightest companies across the world. In today's article, as the daylight grows ever sparing and the chill of a London winter sets in, we dream of jet setting off to warmer climbs through our Travel Awards week. 

Triple Pyramid Aluminium Award

Custom made metal travel award Creative AwardsOne of our latest custom made awards, The Triple Pyramid Aluminium Award is a minimalist award that is both elegant and contemporary. Commissioned by the Leading Culture Destinations Awards, the ceremony recognises and celebrates exceptional cultural institutions and museums across the world. Famous recipients of the trophy include The Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology in Portugal (picking up The Best Architecture Award) and London's very own Design Museum winning the coveted Leading Cultural Destination Award 2017.  Made from a single piece of highly polished aluminium, the body of the award uses the logo of the ceremony as the principal design motif. Sat upon a custom cut, engraved base the cool, sleek lines of the logo are reflected in the aluminium, custom sized base. 

Trip Advisor Awards

Bespoke Award for Trip Advisor Creative AwardsThis business certainly needs no introduction!! One of the biggest websites in the world, Trip Advisor is a house hold name thanks to its innovative community that offer industry leading reviews for most of the world's hotels, holiday destinations and attractions. The special commission was created by Trip Advisor to reward the community and celebrates the best reviews and contributions. The custom made award uses the logo of Ollie the Owl and high definition graphics to create a bright and colourful award that was given out to members across the world. 

Food and Travel Awards

Bespoke Food and Travel Award Creative AwardsWhat is travel without food and what is food without travel? We all agree that when you're on holiday, or simply in a new, exciting place, savouring the local delicacies is a sure fire way to experience the local culture. The Food and Travel awards celebrate the marriage between two things very close to our hearts (and stomachs) in a contemporary and classy design. A solid block of polished aluminium forms the body of the award and is offset by the warming tones of the FSC approved wood that forms the logo of the award ceremony. Details of the event are engraved above and below the eye catching logo to create balance and symmetry. 

Mr and Mrs Smith Hotel Awards

Mr and Mrs Smith Awards Creative AwardsWhen you think of boutique hotels Mr and Mrs Smith surely are a name that come to mind. In a short time this bespoke review site has become one of the most important websites for those looking for unique experiences in boutique hotels in the world's finest destinations.  Fitting of a luxury experience, our luxurious bespoke award uses the infamous "Do Not Disturb" sign that many an intrepid travel is familiar with. Cut from a single piece of aircraft grade aluminium, the body is set in black (using top secret techniques) engraved to reveal the silver of the aluminium below and uses gold leaf to add that touch of luxury. 

Business Travel People Awards

Metal and Wood Bespoke Award The Business People Travel Awards Creative AwardsOne of the most respected ceremonies in the Travel Awards calendar, The Business Travel People Awards celebrate those businesses and indivduals who over outstanding services to the corporate sector. Fitting of the concept of the event, we place people at the heart of the design. Stylised, art-deco figures made from highly polished aluminium galavant towards an unknown destination and rest on the deep, mahogany base. 

We hope that our blog has inspired you to travel and sample the delights that this world has to offer. Contact our experts via or call 0207 242 4020 to discuss any ideas (awards related) that you may have and let help to make your event or ceremony even more exceptional with our wonderful awards.