Celebrating Pride 2017

In this week’s blog we are adding a splash of colour and a dash of glamour with our Rainbow Themed Awards. To celebrate London Pride 2017, taking place the over the weekend of the 8th and 9th of July, we are showcasing all the colours of the rainbow through our beautiful awards. London Pride attracts almost over 1 million visitors making it the largest LGBT celebration in the country, live music, parades and food will line the streets of London bringing a carnivalesque atmosphere to West London. Without further ado, let’s celebrate Pride with our very own rainbow made from our bespoke awards.

RED - Roambi Award

The Roambi Award is created from  optically clear acrylic and is rear printed  with a high resolution red backing.  Celebrating the achievements of the  company, the corporate award is a  wonderful exercise in the power of  simplicity and branding.

ORANGE AND YELLOW - The Coronation Street Award

The nation’s favourite soap Coronation  Street has been on screens for over half a  century. It is estimated that each month  over 7.5 million viewers tune in to see the  escapades of the street. The bespoke  award was commissioned especially by  ITV to celebrate the 50th anniversary of  the show. Here’s to 50 more!

GREEN - Green Aluminium Column Award

A sleek, slender and very special shaft - the Green  Aluminium Column Award. Made from a column of  pure aluminium, the body of the custom award was  electronically dyed giving it its bright, warm green  colour. To create a marvellous two tone effect,  details were engraved onto the body of the award  allowing the beautiful silver of the metal to shine  through.

BLUE AND INDIGO  - The Acrylic Award

A strikingly elegant award made from a  single block of optically clear  acrylic. Capturing the sophistication and  ethos of the client's message, the award  features a high res black and white rear  print of a female figure with a bold purple  line running through. 

VIOLET (Pink) Pink X-Award

We haven’t produced a violet award before but a  pink award is the closest we have! The pink X-  Award is one of our latest creations and certainly  captures the imagination. A custom made body of  optically clear acrylic is backed by a beautiful, hi  res pink print. To add that touch of ceremony and  glamour, a hand cut metal 10 is applied to the front  of the award and contrasts the smooth texture of  the acrylic with the warm shapes of the metal.

Creative Awards London would like to wish all those attending London Pride 2017 the very best. We are proud to support Pride and believe that everyone should have the right to love who they want. Peace and love from the Creative Awards London team!

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