Cool Columns

Welcome back to the Creative Awards london blog bringing you the very best in bespoke awards and custom design. In this week’s blog we look at what, historically, has been a very popular design over the years with our clients: The Column. Now, you may think that a column shaped award may be fairly standard but we delve into some of our custom designed column awards that are totally cool.

Green Aluminium Column

We start the week with one of our most recent column designs. Using the classic column we reinvigorated the traditional design with a futuristic, modern finish and modern materials. Made from aircraft grade aluminium, the Green Aluminium column award was electrically dyed to produce a beautiful, rich green finish. Hand engraved with the company's branding and details this luscious green award is something special. 

Gold, Silver, Bronze Columns

Gold, silver and bronze. Since ancient times these three colours (and metals) have come to symbolise winning and competition. In a nod to the ancient gods we created a set of column awards featuring these iconic trifecta of colours. As you have seen with the Green Aluminium Award, these awards were also electronically dyed to ensure a uniform and deep coloured finish. Whats more, the in house process can be adapted for any colour (we colour match our colours to a globally recognised set of colours) and for any brand. Simple, elegant and cool. 

Porsche Acrylic Award

Take a column award and give it a twist. The next evolution of this classic design is this luxurious take commissioned by German supercar brand Porsche. Featuring an optically clear column as the body of the award and gold and silver plated oysters inside (representing the mixture and marriage of organic, natural materials and next level engineering) this award is a unique take on a simple design. 

Wood Fusion

Now, we are incredibly proud of this one. Over three years of in house R & D has resulted in this truly spectacular award. The Wood Fusion is an award that is only available through Creative Awards London. Using top, top secret techniques we have created an award that fuses organic wood with acrylic. The clear acrylic allows the natural beauty of the gnarled wood to shine through in a elegant and simple design. 

Bold in Business

A bespoke commission for Bold in Business Awards. the body is made from sleek brushed steel rounded by hand to create this unusual shape. To finish the award, the metallic body of the award was hand etched with a graphic to create a two tone contrast in colour and finish. Mounted onto a solid wooden base made from FSC approved sustainable wood, the contrast between the deep brown and light silver of the steel is very impressive. 


For more information on all cool columns or any of our outstanding awards. Contact our friendly team on or call 020 8159 2748 for a quotation or to discuss any ideas that you may have.