Delightful Design with The Baby Cot Shop September 04, 2018 15:59

Welcome back the Creative Awards blog where we showcase the very best in our bespoke awards and trophies. Every now and then we come across a business that we simply love. Be it a designer, a musician or an artist the teams at Creative Awards are all passionate about exceptional designer. In today's blog entry we sat down with The Baby Cot Shop Founder Toks Arouture to discuss all things design related (especially her luxury nursery furniture and design!)

What does good design mean to you?

Good design occurs when the artisan transforms the image in their mind into its physical form and it evokes the emotions he or she intended. When I meet clients pictures starts to form through conversations with them. Sometimes I get into the space and everything  changes completely but when at the end, the picture, the aura and the emotions that the client wants are evoked, are all present and in perfect harmony, I am satisfied.

Who has inspired you from a design point of view?

I am inspired by the Artist Lanre Olagoke. He has an amazing journey that led to him conveying his emotions on canvas. I also love Laura Hammet of Laura Hammet Interiors. We met earlier this year while she was sourcing items for a nursery project and I have since been following her work. Laura consistently produces clean, luxury spaces that emit elegance every single time.

How do you approach designing a nursery? What tips can you offer us?

First, think about what you want in your nursery. Pinterest is great for ideas, but you have to know what you want or else you’ll become overwhelmed with too many options. The nursery is primarily the baby’s room but other activities take place in there. Sleeping, storage, changing and feeding to name the major ones. It follows then that you will need the space or/and furniture to carry out these activities. I have designed a nursery that didn’t need a changing area, for example because all nappy changing occurred in an adjoining room. So the function needs to be taken into consideration so that it is a practical room for parent and baby.

Another consideration is what emotions or feelings do you want evoked in the space. Many parents want a tranquil baby nursery while others might choose to have it looking vibrant. The size of the nursery the and amount of natural light can influence the way the colours are translated. We recommend you test the colours out before your purchase. Most nursery goods retailers can lend you painted wood samples to take home. Painted furniture will show differently in a room painted in certain colours. You don’t want to purchase grey furniture and get home to find it looking green because the walls are painted a different shade of grey, for example.

On the subject of colour, bold hues are typically reserved for playrooms, but can be introduced in small doses into the nursery. For example, a nautical themed nursery featuring pale blues and white can have a splash of red strategically added.

What is the biggest thing you have learned from TBCS?

There have been many lessons which I share on my blog but resilience appears to be the one lesson that has been woven into the thread of the business and hence, it pops up regularly. Running a business that is demanding due to the many facets- design, production, and retail- while keeping a busy household in ship-shape comes with its own unique set of challenges which every woman experiences and responds to differently. I learned that regular introspection is necessary in order to know yourself, what makes you tick and what ticks you off; only then can you adapt to the space you find yourself in.

If you could design any award what would it be like and what would it be for?

I’d design an annual award for mums in difficult circumstances who make mothering work in spite of their challenges. I think that would be awesome!

Once again, we would like to thank Toks of The Baby Cot Shop for offering her insights into the world of nursery design and children's furniture. Discover her luxury pieces exclusively at