Destination Unknown June 19, 2017 11:10

Bright skies across the country and a scorching London deserve a mention in the Creative Awards blog today. In today’s blog entry and this week we conjure up the sights, sounds and smells of all that is holiday and travel related. Now, many will argue that there is no finer place than London on a hot summer’s day, presumably those who hold that opinion have not had to endure the Central Line but who knows, so let’s leave London behind and head to further shores with our beautiful bespoke awards. The American novelist Mark Twain’s famous quote of travel broadening the mind is certainly befitting of today’s entry, without further ado pack your bags, grab your passport and join Creative Awards for our travel themed awards week.

Mr and Mrs Smith

Starting this week’s travel awards is the custom made award for the luxury travel group Mr and Mrs Smith. Collating the finest boutique hotels in the world, the Mr and Mrs Smith group have redefined travel. Our award cheekily plays with one of the quintessential pieces of travel, which is often overlooked, the do not disturb sign. Custom cut from a single piece of aluminium, the bespoke design features the iconic lettering and branding of the client.


Travel themed awards creative awards mr and mrs smith hotels

Saint Lucia

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside! You may not want to join in signing this little ditty but it certainly will be in your head from now. However, would you prefer to be by the sea in Margate or the luscious, turquoise waters and golden beaches of Saint Lucia? We certainly know which we prefer. The custom made acrylic award uses the lettering of the island to create the body of the award. To add that touch of magic, we used a high res graphic of the beautiful Saint Lucian beaches. Resting on a metal base, engraved with the winner’s details and details of the event, the award captures the essence of travel and the Caribbean.

custom made Perspex award travel awards Creative Awards

Trip Advisor

With over 200,000,000 reviews and opinions, a staggering 150 reviews left every minute Trip Advisor is one of the World’s most popular websites. Revolutionising the review and community orientated travel world, Trip Advisor has become a staple of the internet. The Trip Advisor awards celebrate the community and reward members for their contributions. Placing the famous Ollie the Owl logo of the company at the heart of the award, the simple yet effective design captures the brand and the spirit of travel.


Trip Advisor bespoke awards Creative Awards

Food and Travel

What’s travel without enjoying the local delicacies of your destination? When we are travelling we love to savour the local dishes and enjoy the food culture of the places we visit. The Food and Travel Awards were commissioned by a leading industry magazine that celebrate the culinary delights of travel. A solid block of highly polished metal creates the body of the award with a second plate forming the outline to the ceremony in the negative space. To finish, the awards were hand engraved with the winner’s and ceremony details.


Travel award bespoke award Creative Awards

Our whistle stop tour of the world has now ended but our love for what we do certainly carries on. Why not speak to our teams today via or via 0207 242 4020 and discuss any ideas you have to make your awards stand out.