Enticing Encapsulation

Welcome back to the Creative Awards London blog where we bring you the latest developments from our studio where we create bespoke awards for the biggest events and brands in the world. Often seen in our Perspex acrylic offerings and used in financial tombstones and dealtoys, acrylic encapsulation is one of our most popular and impressive techniques. In today’s blog we choose 5 of our favourite encapsulated awards that showcase our cutting-edge design and industry leading know-how.

What is acrylic encapsulation?

Acrylic encapsulation is the process of permanently encasing objects inside acrylic. With our bespoke designs, our clients often choose a meaningful object (such as brand memorabilia) to celebrate a deal, event or achievement. Creating an eye-catching and impressive design, awards created through acrylic encapsulation more often resemble an objet d’art than what one would traditionally think of as an award. 

How is acrylic encapsulation created?

Acrylic encapsulation, or at least good acrylic encapsulation, is a process that requires extensive knowledge of acrylic fabrication and familiarity with its technical requirements. The process begins with two basic ingredients, an acrylic resin powder polymer and clear liquid monomer. The polymer and monomer are mixed together in specific proportions that create a thick, opaque liquid. The mixture is then poured into moulds and allowed to partially harden before the object is placed into the acrylic layer and another layer is poured over top. Once the acrylic has hardened, the moulds are placed in ovens that cure and harden the acrylic. After the award has cooled, it is then hand-polished and sanded before it is inspected and couriered to our expectant clients. 

First Cut Swarf Award

When you're approached by one of the world's biggest companies to design something remarkable, what do you do? Well, if you're us, you create the First Cut Swarf Award. Commissioned by BAE to celebrate the first soft metal cut by their F35 Machining Facility 610, this custom-designed acrylic award is one-of-a-kind. Made using a top secret in-house encapsulation technique, the award resembles an objet d'art more than a traditional award. 

The trophy is composed from aluminium swarf set into optically clear acrylic, a design that draws from, and celebrates, engineering.

Oil Cube Deal Toy

Fresh out of the Creative Awards workshop the Oil Cube Deal Toy is a marvel of both engineering and design. Commissioned by a company that is a household name across the globe, the optically clear block features crude oil set inside. A crisp and clean design, the straight lines of the custom cut acrylic contrast with the flowing, dark crude oil inside. If you like this design, be sure to check out our Oil Column Deal Toy and Acrylic Oil Drum Deal Toy

Triple Clear Oil Acrylic Block

Take decades of engineering and sprinkle in a generous helping of expert design and what do you have? The Triple Clear Oil Acrylic Block. Made especially as a deal toy, also known as a financial tombstone, the award is truly something spectacular. Encapsulated clear oil sits inside a custom designed optically clear acrylic block. The result; a truly unique award that has an organic quality too as, when it is moved, the light refracts throughout the column and the clear oil within.

Silver Carbon Molecule Encapsulated in Clear Acrylic Award

The Silver Carbon Molecule Encapsulated in Clear Acrylic Award pushes the boundaries of what an award can be. Equally at home in an awards cabinet as an art gallery, this incredible bespoke award is truly something special. To create this magnificent piece, a solid silver molecule was created from a digital master.

Special techniques were applied to encapsulate the metal piece into optically clear acrylic resulting in the arresting and impressive award. As with our Triple Clear Oil Acrylic Block, the silver molecule distorts and moves depending on the viewing angle, creating an almost life-like and flowing piece.To finish, the bespoke award was hand polished and engraved creating a bespoke award that showcases unique and memorable design. 

Wood Fusion Award

Our Wood Fusion Award forgoes metal and oil to use wood as the contrasting material within the design. The stunning award is crafted from carefully selected natural, reclaimed wood from sustainable sources ensuring that each award is truly unique. Fully customisable, the bespoke award can be engraved with logos and the recipient's details in any size and wood combination. 

For more information about any of our awards featured, contact our studio via sales@creativeawardslondon.co.uk or call 020 8159 2747.