Facts about the World Cup Trophy

Welcome back to the Creative Awards London blog where we showcase the finest awards and trophies to grace the ceremonies and podiums of the biggest events in the world. Today, June the 14th, is a very special day. Indeed, a day that brings the whole world together to rejoice in that game of two halves. After much controversy, the FIFA World Cup is going ahead and the tournament kicks off today in Russia with the powerhouse match up of Saudi Arabia vs the host nation. Who will win? That’s anybody's guess, surely not human rights however.

Anyways, we are looking forward to a veritable feast of football over the next month regardless of whether England do well or not. To celebrate the start of the World Cup we’ve put together quick fire facts about this amazing trophy that you can use to dazzle your mates down the pub or bore you’re other half to death.

Jules Rimet TrophyThe World Cup trophy is one of the most iconic designs in the world. Representing the very pinnacle of the sport, the hopes and dreams nations are etched into its very being. The design is actually the second incarnation of the the trophy and was made in 1974, the original Jules Rimet trophy being lost - which kind of sums up England’s recent showings too- designed by the Italian company Stabilimento Artistico Berton the trophy shows two human figures lifting up the Earth.

FIFA World Cup trophyThe World Cup trophy weighs in at around 6.1 kilos and measures some 36.5 centimetres tall. Made from 18 karat yellow gold, it is thought the actual trophy is hollow as given its size it would weigh over 80 kilos. The base is made from layered malachite that is interspersed with the words FIFA WORLD CUP. Due to the a lack of space, the winners names are engraved on a gold plate that is fitted to the underside of the trophy.

brazil lifting the world cupEight national teams have won the World Cup which, given that 20 tournaments have taken place, shows just how hard it is to win. The samba boys of Brazil have lifted the prestigious trophy the most clocking up 5 wins followed by the steely cold Germans,and passionate, diving italians with four, Argentina and Uruguay twice and England, France and Spain winning it once.

What’s the trophy worth? I mean, is it possible to even put a worth on such an item? Of course it is. If we take the current price of gold at around 33 dollars per gram and the weight of the trophy being 6.1 kilos i is valued at over 20 million dollars.

Russia 2018This year’s FIFA World Cup sees 32 teams in action of the four weeks of the tournament. Who will be the victor? History doesn’t lie and it would be hard to rule out Brazil as the winners. However, a resurgent England team full of young players have impressed in qualifying and could do well. Regardless of who wins we are looking forward to it.