Feeling hot

Welcome back to the Creative Awards London blog. In today’s entry, with temperatures dropping and normal British Summertime resuming, we hark back to the hot, sun-soaked climes of last week with our Heat Awards. So, sit back, grab your suncream and enjoy some of the hottest awards in the industry.

Sunburst Award

Firing up the week is the Sunburst Award. Commissioned to celebrate and reward dedication by an outstanding employee, the Sunburst Award is an internal award for a leading business. The beautiful rounded body is outlined by the halo of flames falling from the body. Resting on a custom cut acrylic block, the bespoke award is indeed rather special. To add that touch of brilliance and, like the winner, to go beyond what is expected, the body is finished in 22k yellow gold.


Bespoke sun award Creative Awards

Victory Flame

Warming up day two of the Heat Awards is the magnificent Victory Flame award. The artistic piece was custom designed in-house and cut by hand to create natural organic waves of flame. Featuring a body made from copper, the award was finished in yellow gold to create a beautiful bright finish.


Bespoke metal flame award Creative Awards

LampLighter Award

Fire up for the third instalment of the Heat Awards with the Lamplighter award. The custom made, mixed media award features a custom made body from polished aluminium in the shape of a traditional lamp lighter cone. Resting on top is a highly polished crystal that gracefully refracts light creating the illusion of flame and fire.


Bespoke Aluminium Trophy Creative Awards

ICE Award

Sometimes, when temperatures soar it is vital to cool down. The refreshing chill of a cold beverage, a gentle breeze or an ice bucket?! Well, we have just the thing for you. The fabulous ICE Award. One of our most technically, and visually, impressive awards the story of the ICE Award is rather intriguing. After a long period of R&D, top secret techniques employed that mimicked the rough, jagged edges of a real iceberg. Bubbles were allowed to form in the body of the blue block, before the waves were created on the top of the award. All in all, a very cool piece of design.


Bespoke acrylic ICE Award Creative Awards

Golden Chili Award

Feeling hot hot hot! Now, there is nothing more than what we like than some spicy food. We are huge fans of the delightful array of food vendors near the workshop where we like to tantalise and toast our tastebuds with some food with a serious kick. Commissioned by a globally renowned multinational, the chili award is cast from a real chili (no chilis were harmed during production) and finished in a wonderful golden shine. Beautiful, hot and fun. A cracking award.

Bespoke resin chili award Creative Awards



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