Green Award Ideas

Welcome back to the Creative Awards London blog where we bring you the very best of our custom awards made from acrylic, wood, mixed media and more. In today’s blog we offer some design ideas and inspiration as we detail our green coloured awards and help you with some things you may want to consider when looking for ideas of themes. 

Green Column - How to get the best from the material used

Green Award IdeaDeep green combines elegantly with brushed aluminium in our Green Column Awards. The contemporary award uses a single column for the body and base of the piece, forgoing the usual base. This modern looking award is a great example of how using the material of the piece can add extra detail and colour differentiation. 

Acrylic Ring - Choose an interesting shape

Green Acrylic AwardAcrylic Perspex is one of the most versatile materials that we use in our workshop. Customisable in almost any shape and colour, the material lends itself particularly well to awards because of this. The Green Acrylic ring illustrates how, when designing an award, choosing an interesting shape can result in an impactful design. The main body of the bespoke award is created from a thick, highly polished acrylic ring creating a weighty and high end feel. To finish the award, the body is printed with high res digital graphics in various shades of green capturing the branding and logos of the company. 

Patinated Copper Award - Think outside of the box and be original

Patinated Copper Design IdeaWe are particularly proud of the Patinated copper award because it uses an interesting chemical reaction to achieve the effect and looks seriously cool. The body of the award was created in the shape of the company’s logo from custom cut copper before the metal was given a green oxidised layer using a patination effect. The design of the award creates a textured and layered effect that is both unusual and original, 

Asterix-  Don’t be afraid to keep it simple

Green Asterix AwardWhen designing an award it is quite easy to try and make the design complicated and incorporate many different ideas and motifs. Often this can result in a design that loses focus an unclear sense of identity. The Green Asterix Award keeps it clean and simple with a custom cut  green acrylic asterisk as the body of the award and mounted on an oiled beech base with silver inscription plate.

Super Garden - Rear printed graphics can make all the difference

Super Garden AwardOnce again the versatility of acrylic Perspex is illustrated with the Super Garden Award. Optically clear acrylic was chosen for the body of the award before HD graphics were placed on the back of the body. Printed graphics can help a design to flourish as the choice of what to put in the graphic is virtually limitless.  

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