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Welcome back to the Creative Award blog where we bring you the latest from our workshop, designs and custom made trophies. As you may or may not know, we have been based in Hatton Garden for over 40 years. The centre of the jewellery industry, Hatton Garden is home to an treasure trove of jewellers, workshops and diamond traders. In today’s blog, we speak with Harel Kuzi, director of Hatton Garden jewellers Diamonds Hatton Garden about his work, the industry and what to look for when choosing jewellery. 

Harel, thank you for sitting down with us. Tell us about Diamonds Hatton Garden.

Thank you for having me. Much like yourselves, we are a family run business who have operated for a similar time frame. My family, from Israel, have been in the diamond industry even longer and I have relatives in both New York and Antwerp. Together we operate, Diamonds Hatton Garden as one example, our own jewellery retail business and work together on the trading of larger and rarer stones. At Diamonds Hatton Garden, we specialise in diamond jewellery as well as the trading of loose diamonds, in particular loose fancy coloured diamonds

What makes a great jewellery design?

Like with Creative Awards, design is very important to ourselves and our clients. A beautiful design not only showcases the diamond itself but the skill and experience of the craftsperson. For us, a great jewellery design predominately showcases the centrestone, allowing it to shine and allowing it to be appreciated but also compliments it through the setting and design of the mount. Elegant diamond jewellery is certainly in the eye of the beholder but we like to think that our design expertise and experience really does allow us to produce not only stunning bespoke jewellery but gorgeous ready to wear items. 

Why are fancy coloured diamonds popular?

Fancy coloured diamondsFancy coloured diamonds are often seen as the ultimate in diamonds due to their rarity. Essentially, the rarer the diamond the more expensive it is. Loose fancy coloured yellow diamonds, natural pink diamond jewellery and eye watering blue diamonds are the three types that we work with but are able to source more depending on what the client requires. Not only are these diamonds incredibly rare in any sizes, but the sizes required for haute joaillerie are even rarer. Clients buy them for a variety of reasons from creating heirlooms to investment. 

What is the most popular item of diamond jewellery?

Yellow diamond necklaceJewellery is led both by fashion, art and design so trends certainly do come and go. We, however, tend to specialse in more classic items of jewellery meaning that what we produce can stand the test of time. Generally speaking, the majority of our day to day dealings are with couples looking for beautiful diamond engagement rings but often we do also help those looking for gifts such as a pair of stud earrings or an anniversary tennis bracelet.  

How has the industry changed?

loose diamond in handAs with many industries technology has made our lives easier. We like to blend centuries old techniques with modern tech to enhance the quality and effectiveness of how we work. Over the years, much like trends, fads have came and gone but what has remained the same is the skill of the craftsman in producing, designing and creating elegant jewellery. 

Creative Awards would like to thank Diamonds Hatton Garden and Harel for their participation in our guest blog. As Hatton Garden neighbours, we are are proud to support the myriad of local businesses and a thriving, long-established community that continues to attract clients from across the World. 

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