Historical themed awards week

Welcome back to the Creative Awards London blog. This week we shine the spotlight on our historical awards. That’s right, we pull up our sleeves and dig into the Creative Awards London archives to explore our history themed awards. Working with a range of materials and designs, our historic awards are something unique. Each award tells the story of the brand and client it is commissioned by in a creative and thought provoking way. Without further ado, let’s look into some of these bespoke beauties.

The Shell Award

custom acrylic award with shell history themed awardCommissioned by a leading construction company the Shell Award is our venture into the world of history. Featuring a real shell, gracefully picked from a local beach and set in clear acrylic, the award communicates the idea of connection to the past whilst employing the latest technology to produce the piece. What we love about the award is the contrast between the organic, natural shell and the modern, synthetic acrylic used in the body. 


The Archaeological Trowel Award

custom acrylic award idea creative awardsWe dig this award hugely. The custom award uses one of the most important items in any budding archaeologist’s toolkit: the humble trowel. The trowel was made in-house using solid, Sterling silver and custom created for the award. The simple tool represents the world of archaeology and we were particular focused on the idea of using such a simple machine that has been used for eons to go into the past. Set in a clear acrylic block, the award is an effective, straightforward design that places the theme, quite literally, central to the bespoke award.


Sutton Hoo Helmet

Custom made award helmet awardThe world renowned Sutton Hoo helmet gets the Creative Awards  London treatment. Commissioned by a leading archaeological society, the bespoke piece is inspired by one of the most famous finds in the UK, if not the world. Custom cut metal forms the body of the award that is engraved with the description of the ceremony and society.


Vitruvian Man Award

Custom made glass box awardOne of the great designs of humanity, the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci is an illustration that the brings together ideas about art, architecture, human anatomy and symmetry in one distinct and commanding image. Made from a single, custom sized piece of glass engraved with the iconic Vitruvian Man, the award is finished in gold adding an extra dimension of colour and design.