Behind the scenes

How are custom awards made? In today’s blog post we look beyond the award into the production and design processes that go into creating the UK’s most thought provoking and exceptional awards. One of our favourite awards deserves some special love and attention: the Copper Stag Award.

Commissioned by a leading Scottish whiskey company, the Copper Stag showcases what we are all about. Designing and producing a bespoke award of excellence. To start, we liaised closely with our client to understand their vision for the award. As always, the design process is a two-way street that strives to capture the client’s vision and pair it with our own in house design ideas and experience. We felt with the Copper Stag Award that one of the most important messages to capture was the brand power within the award. Drawing directly from the famous logo, we took this as a starting point for how the award would evolve.

Sketches were created based around the iconic logo using the latest technologies and sent to the client for their feedback and input. Once the final design was agreed we were ready to dive into the world of whiskey to produce the piece.

We wanted to have some fun with the award and drilled down into the brand itself and the details associated with the product that they specialise in. Whilst we could have popped to our local pub to investigate the world of whiskey, we, on second thought, realised that looking into the production around whiskey would help create the spectacular piece more than savouring the delights of the drink itself.

Two elements became clear within whiskey production. Firstly, the production process and the distilling of whiskey. The natural splendour and deep tones of the principal metal used, copper, was something that we wanted to capture in the award. Paired with the logo, a splendid copper stag silhouette was created and cut from pure copper..


Now, what sets apart a good whiskey from a great one? The aging process. Set in oak barrels, the aging process is an important element in allowing the flavour profile to develop and to impart the distinctive taste and flavour in the drink. We felt that such a vital piece needed to be shown in the award. We sourced oak barrels that were used in the aging process directly from the client to create a base for the award. The rich, deep tones of the oak combined with the distinct sweet aroma of the whiskey-seeped wood created the perfect accompaniment to the copper logo.


Finally, the production of the award itself. Taking place over the course of three weeks, our craftsman meticulously created the award, assembling each element by hand to create a stand-out award. Barrels were measured, cut and laminated, the copper was treated and profiled to create each of the elements within the award. The result? A beautiful, custom made award that captures the essence, history and the legacy of the brand.



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