Ice Ice baby February 01, 2017 14:32

Ice acrylic award

Creative Awards are proud to showcase one of our latest and most popular awards, the Ice Award. The bespoke award was commissioned by a leading UK logistics company to commemorate and reward its members' achievements.

The Ice Award is made from acrylic Perspex and has an interesting story behind its production. Playing into the name of the awards, The Ice Awards draws inspiration from the Arctic. Think cold. Really cold. Icebergs and crisp, icy waters.

Achieving the iceberg peering out from the choppy waters of the acrylic was our first challenge - how to create a textured iceberg that had an organic feel? We wanted to convey a realistic, textured piece that would have the naturally occurring waves and dents without it looking too forced. 

After many trials, we figured out an ingenious (and top secret) technique to reproduce the flowing waves on the surface and the iceberg in one move.

By carefully controlling the casting technique, we were able to introduce natural bubbles into the body of the award, allowing the natural optical properties of the material to reflect the cool blue of the award. 

The final touch is the personalised engraving on the front, which is infilled with silver paste to give a flash of contrast to this highly desirable award.