In conversation with Katharine Pooley August 31, 2018 15:21

Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog where we showcase the very best in our custom made awards and more. Now, working in a creative field we draw inspiration from many sources - art, music, film and design. We believe that in order to crate the very best awards it is important to be open to trends and designs that we can use in our creations. We spoke with Katharine Pooley, one of London’s leading luxury interior designers, about what inspires her beautiful works.

What inspired you to become an interior designer?

I have always been interested in interior design. From a young age the importance of aesthetics, harmony and balance were all concepts that i enjoyed exploring on my own personal projects. As my passion developed I decided to create my own business where i could assist clients from across the world in understanding their tastes and creating unique, one of a kind projects. Travel has been a huge part of my life, luckily, and i find that a lot of my approach to textures, interesting little pieces, have come from my love of travel. Indeed, much like yourselves I am sure that your inspiration comes from many sources and current trends but overall my love for interior design is something I have always possessed and have been fortunate to turn it into a career.  

What is your favourite part of your job?

My job involves many tasks and projects and I am thankful to the fantastic team behind me who each are as invested in the work as I am. Working on multiple projects at any given moment means that I constantly have to be working on slightly different areas. I enjoy the initial design of the projects, the sourcing of the various objects, colour schemes, patterns and fabrics as well as working to understand each client and their tastes. Ultimately, an interior designer is someone who can understand their client and their tastes to create beautiful interiors.

If you could design any property what would it be?

That is a very good question! I have worked on a number of commercial and residential properties over the years and can honestly say that I enjoy both approaches. Both form and functionality are equally important and I try to marry the clients wishes with the space and my own ideas. I have always liked working on residences and second homes. There is something magical associated with the space that forms a relaxing getaway or change of scenery.

What elements define your style?

I wouldn’t say there’s one particular style, but I’m incredibly inspired by travel, having visited [many] countries. However for me the starting point is always to listen to the clients and work with them throughout the journey. I travel with them and absorb their tastes. It is very important, from the start, that I work closely together with the client.

Which project are you most proud of?

Each project is very unique and each approach is never the same. It is difficult to give an exact answer as each project means something very special not just to myself but also to the client. Of course, I am proud of each project but choosing a stand out one is like choosing your favourite award, I am sure it is impossible in a sense!

If you could design any award, what would it be?

I would love to try that! I can say that there would be two groups of people who would be the recipients - my family and my work teams. Awards themselves, much like interior design, are more than the sum of their parts - each element coming together to create something bigger - and awards are used for recognition and rewarding the winners.

Creative Awards would like to thank Katharine for taking the time to speak with ourselves. Check our her latest luxury interior designs and goings on at her Chelsea boutique or contact her teams directly via