Introducing Our Latest Additions To The Team January 18, 2019 11:17

Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog where we bring you the very best in bespoke awards and trophies from our Hatton Garden workshop. Now, we like to keep our readers up to date with the latest goings on at our HQ and it is with great pleasure that we announce two new members of the team. They’re both the quiet type, rarely stop from their jobs and are hardworking to boot. They don’t make cups of tea (annoyingly) but they are always punctual and on time. So, who are these two new mystery workers?

Laser engraving at Creative AwardsThe first is a bit of a bright spark, warm and very precise; meet our laser engraver. Our R & D team spent many months comparing and looking for the best laser engraver on the market and we are happy to announce our investment in our tools to continue to produce the very best awards and trophies around. Whether they are acrylic awards, metal awards or any type of award we want to ensure that our teams can produce a piece of work that will be treasured by the recipient. The laser engraver allows us to, well, engrave on various materials and surfaces with laser precision each and every time. What’s more, this special machine also lets us cut out custom made shapes and design to create the individual components that go into an award. Lovely jubbly!

Carbide CNC Machine at Creative AwardsNext up is our new noisy addition. Constantly humming when working but at least they get on with it. Who is this mystery machine? Well, it’s our new CNC router. For those not in the know, a CNC router (computer numerical control) is a tool that is used for cutting various shapes and designs across and X and Y axis. In simple terms, it essentially allows us to not only cut out custom made designs from nearly any material you can think of but also allows us to create the diverts and groves in the pieces for our final assembly. On a crisp pre-Christmas Friday our team excitedly came into the workshop (Christmas had come early) and put together the CNC router. Designed and produced by one of the most respected companies within machine tool design, the latest addition elegantly fits in with our ethos of wanting to use the very best to produce the best.

Keep up to date with our latest workers and design on our Facebook and Instagram pages where we will be uploading their work. For more information on any of our awards or to enquire contact out team via or call our workshop on 020 7242 4020.