Lovely Lettering

Welcome back to the Creative Awards London blog bringing you the very best in custom awards and design. In this week's entry we delve into the world of alphanumerical awards and take a look at our custom made lovely lettering for the world's biggest brands and event. 

Why choose an award made from letters and numbers?

When choosing a custom award many of our clients approach us either with an idea that they want to turn into a 3D award or need some inspiration. Regardless of where a client is we always seek to offer our expert advice and help to bring their awards to life. Over the last few years and with the development of new technologies and methods, awards made from letters or numbers have become increasingly popular. Primarily beacause of:

Aesthetics & Level of customisation 

When creating an award a lot of thought is placed into how the award looks. Creating an award is a marriage between branding, aesthetics, design and engineering. As such, awards made from letters and numbers tick many of the boxes that our clients want. Firstly, they look good! Secondly, creating an award out of letters or numbers allows the message and brand to, quite literally, be at the heart of the award. This level of customisation that letters and numbers gives allows for some amazing results.

We've picked five of our favourite awards made from letters and numbers below: 

Pink X Award

Pink X acrylic AwardX marks the spot in this beautiful acrylic award. The custom made award was commissioned by a leading business who wanted to create an eye catching and arresting award. Smooth lines and bright graphics intertwine to produce a bright and clean award.  To produce the detailed and swooping edges the body of the award was custom machined. To add that extra touch, a gold metal number 10 created from custom lettering was cut and applied to front.

10 & 4 Aluminium and Acrylic Awards

custom award trophy made form numbers Commissioned by a leading broadband company, the 10 and 4 Aluminium and Acrylic Awards capture the youthful spirit of the exciting new company. Stylised numbers with satin edges create a modern feeling award that is finished on a deep, rich blue acrylic block engraved with the ceremony and company details. 

Instant Polished Aluminium and Acrylic Award

Instant awardBright colours and cool metal meet in this beautiful custom award designed for a world renowned brand. A thick single piece of aluminium was hand cut to mimic the lettering of the brand before a colour matched piece of acrylic was inlayed into the metal. To finish the classic design, the base of the award was engraved with the ceremony's details. 

THG Metal Awards

THG Award custom madeThis beautiful bespoke metal award was created from a single pieces of aluminium using the company's letters and logos to create the body of the award. The body of the award is cut from raw aluminium creating an amazing texture with a wonderful tactile feel.  Memorable and celebratory, the award is bold, exciting and is the perfect way to recognise excellence within the company.

MTV Awards

MTV AwardIconic, youthful and inspiring the MTV Awards. Cherished and revered as the voice of a generation, countless numbers of people across the world have aspired to win one since MTV played its first video and changed the way we consume popular music. The acrylic award are, perhaps, the most recognisable awards that we produce. Made from a single piece of acrylic with custom HD graphics and metal lettering, these awards are seriously cool and have been won by the voices of generations. 

In the meantime if you're feeling inspired by our amazing awards or need some assistance in creating your bespoke award, contact our teams via or call 020 8159 2748 for a quotation or to discuss any ideas that you may have.