Push the Button with Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un

Welcome back to the bigly Creative Awards London blog where we showcase our decadent designs and bespoke awards for the world’s finest capitalist pig dogs. Well, that tone is a bit different isn’t it? Before you think that our team have been abusing solvents in our workshop, we ask you to bear with us as we have something truly spectacular up out sleeves. We are pleased to announce that we have produced something truly magnificent in conjunction with our friends over at Liberty Games, what is this yuge creation you ask? Read on!

As you may well know, 2017 and 2018 has seen some rather interesting political developments, namely Donald Trump being the leader of the free world. One of the biggest stories that has dominated news cycles across the globe has been his relationship with Kim Jong-Un of North Korea. This week saw a historic meeting of the two in Singapore where, we hope, they can start to build a solution to their problems and foster greater international cooperation.

How do we exactly celebrate this new found sense of peace and hope for the world? By making a table football set of course. We firmly believe that the leaders should shoot a few games on the custom made foosball table and use that as the basis for ongoing talks. Perhaps that's why we aren’t working at the UN. Who knows?

kim figure Liberty Games approached Creative Awards London in a veil of secrecy to help design this one-of-a-kind football table. Known for their fabulous creations, we worked closely with their design team to create a nuclear themed foosball table - the best type of negotiating table in our opinion - where Kim and Donald would do battle in miniature form.

Donald trump footballThe two men of the moment needed to be, figuratively and literally, the centre of attention. Not hard for one who was a TV host and the other who is the only thing on TV. Detailed CAD designs were made and miniature models were created using the latest 3D printing techniques that captured the fabulous details of the glorious leaders. Particular attention was applied to the hair styles. You may not know this but it is indeed possible to capture political philosophies in haircuts. One a free flowing bouffant and the other rigid lines that capture the spirit of Juche.

kim trump headsWe received the 3d printed figurines in secrecy. A small knock at the door was greeted with a pleasant nod from the driver who was unaware of the enormity of what he was delivering. Upon opening the box 25 mini Kims and Donalds greeted us from within. These expertly designed models were resplendent in the way they captured Kim’s steely, emotionless gaze and Donald’s weirdly hypnotic 1000 yard stare. Our task: transform the grey models into a finished product.

3d printed kim and trumpEach figure was sanded and varnished to perfection, removing the tiny nicks and edges from the printing process. Once ready to be painted, we set about trying to capture the magnificent orange of Donald. Litres of fanta, a Dutch football kit and a tangerine were all mixed together and colour-matched to create the tone. Over the course of 5 days, the models were all hand painted individually to ensure that the finished product would be befitting of two world leaders. Once the paint had dried, three coats of varnish were applied to preserve the icons within.













With that the delivery driver came back, another polite nod was exchanged, before the secret shipment was transported to Liberty Games where their experts set about building the table. And here we have it, Nuclear Foosball 101: Images below.,....

Donald Trump Kim Jong Un nuclear football table

kim and trump figures nuclear football