Reutpala for the World Retail Congress

Reutpala custom made award

One of our most popular and inspiring awards amongst clients is the stunning REUTPALA award for the World Retail Congress. The story behind this beautiful design is as impressive as the award itself. Completed over a 300 R+D period and working with over 10 international partners, the REUTPALA was designed and protyped by world famous designer and engineer Gregory Poletta. The award was presented by Gregory himself at the Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria Hotel and covered by the London World Retail Congress.

Connecting cutting edge 3D metal printing technology in Paris with the RapidFormRCA program and Imperial University’s Futures Lab in London, the award is the result of out of the box thinking and advanced technology. Creative Awards London hand finished the award using pure silver and gold electroplating with the custom black and white marble bases designed and sculpted using finest Italian marble by Puffin Plastics.

REUTPALA draws its name from the juxtaposition of utpala meaning “longevity” or “renewal” and represents youth and that of the future of retail. Upon holding the custom award its meaning becomes even more apparent. Clasped in outreaching hands, the very gesture of giving and receiving, it preserves and renews the spirit, a victory of humanity.

The intricate basket delicately contrasts strength and fragility offering the viewer a glimpse into the future: the strength of youth and future built on the fragility of the present.

Creative Awards London are proud to have partnered with Gregory and the various teams across the world to produce this truly one off piece of art. For more information on the award, or any enquiries contact our teams via or call 020 8159 2748.