Rise Up with Gaming Awards

This week we continue our ongoing look into life into lockdown and turn to our awards to inspire us to cope with Coronavirus. The video game industry, worth an estimated $120 billion in 2019, has come to the rescue of many in the past few weeks. With their variety of styles, characters and worlds to inhabit, video games have become a refuge for those stuck at home as millions play with friends and look to stem the frustrations and difficulties of life at home. We turn to four of our top trophies that have been commissioned by some of the biggest names in gaming to celebrate the positive role games can have in our lives. 

RuneFest Trophy

Runefest AwardWith an estimated 220 million accounts RuneScape is one of the most popular MMORPGs in the world. Held on the 16th of September 2016 at Battersea Evolution, RuneScape 2016 featured live screening of the event broadcast globally. Attendees were given free goodiebags containing codes, merchandise and vouchers. Inspired by the mythical world of Gielinor we created a bespoke metal award to celebrate the event. Sleek lines and thick aluminium create the silhouette of a dragon’s head contrasted with engraved tree in the body of the award. We drew from the ideas of teamwork, creativity and myth to craft the bespoke award that was presented to winning teams during the event.


MK 11 medallionNearly 30 years in the making, 2019 saw Mortal Kombat once again capture players’ imaginations with the latest instalment in the beloved franchise. Developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment the 11th instalment in the popular series sees fan favourites return and new characters enter the fray. Mortal Kombat Dragon MedallionTo celebrate the launch of the game in the UK Creative Awards were tasked with creating an item that would be given to players at the launch event. Drawing inspiration from the iconic dragon motive of the games we created a gold plated medallion that would proudly be worn around the neck of the winner. Crafted from a single piece of metal, the medallion is the ideal way to say ‘Finish Him!’ to the winner.

Magic The Gathering 

MATG Celebrity CupWe were tasked with designing a trophy for the latest Magic The Gathering Celebrity Cup which pitted 36 influencer celebrities and Magic expert players from France, Germany, and the United Kingdom in a head to head battle on behalf of their countries. The two day event took place from the 11th to the 13th of July lof last year and was live streamed via dedicated channels for each country. The influencers, who were all newcomers to the series, had to quickly learn the rules and strategies of the game to assist their pro player and do their country proud.MTG: Celebrity Cup TrophyCreative Awards channelled our inner mages and designed a bespoke trophy that would go down in MTG lore. The custom made metal award features the iconic pitchfork of the series, instantly recognisable to millions across the globe, with colour matched paint applied. The weighty trophy, a nod to the tactile nature of the game, features two interlocking profiled pieces of metal and sits proudly on a throne like base - ready to be hoisted aloft by the winners.


EPT TrophyHit, stick or twist? Poker is one of the most popular, and oldest, card games in the world and Creative Awards are proud to have produced the trophy for one of the most respected competitions in the game: The EPT.  The vibrant, energetic custom award draws from one of the is inspired by the intoxicating sights and luxury of the world’s biggest casinos. Think of the glamour of Montecarlo, the sophistication of Macau and the dazzling lights of Vegas.. The very body of the award was custom made from a single piece of solid block aircraft-grade aluminium and crowned with a gold-plated spade.

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