Rocking Out With Rocksound TV

Welcome back to the Creative Awards London  blog where we showcase the very best in custom awards and design. In today’s blog we look at the totally rocking custom award for Rocksound TV.

It goes without saying that we love music. The bard famously said (or wrote) “If music be the food of love, play on.” Over the last four decades we have been fortunate to work with some of the biggest music events in the UK and abroad producing awards that have graced the hands (and shelves) of some of the biggest names in music.  

From the iconic NME Awards (designed by our director Steve), to the contemporary Q Awards, the literally and figuratively Heavy Music Awards and the spectacular Irish Country Music Awards, our experience in designing custom awards for music events is unrivalled.

We are particularly fond of music awards because music is close to the hearts of all of our staff. Many of our team have experience in the music industry in bands, as sound engineers and luthiers as well as rapping and even dancing. We simply can’t live without tunes. So, we were excited to be approached by Rocksound to help design and create their awards for their first ever Rocksound awards. Want to know how we did it? Carry on reading...

Roksound Tv award in red by creative awardsWith Rocksound we felt it important to put the brand and name at the heart of the award. Rocksound’s logo, we think, is cool and impactful. With the logo as our starting point we developed an award that would allow the logo to be at the forefront and a design that would compliment, enhance and bring it to life.


Rocksound award in gold by Creative AwardsFor the first ever Rocksound awards it was important to create a design that would stand the test of time. After busying away designing, tweaking and improving our initial sketches we chose a traditional circular body as the starting point. From here we wanted to make the award physically imposing and decided to make the award larger, thicker and from solid aluminium to give it a substantial and satisfying feel. To add colour, we worked with a simple two-tone composition that interchanges on both the red bodied and brass bodied award.


metal soundwave from awardThe striking use of colour creates a visually appealing award and the warming brass contrasts nicely with the deep red. To add the finishing touch, the edges of the award were distorted into the peaks and troughs of a sound wave generated from the word Rocksound being expertly recorded by one of our team. 

One more light fund imageWhat made working with Rocksound special, aside from being an awesome team, is that they really leveraged the exposure and interest in their ceremony to assist in a tremendous cause. With the untimely passing of Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, Rocksound honoured his legacy by posthumously awarding him the Rocksound Icon Award. Whatsmore, for each sale of their magazine bundle, £1 is donated to the One More Light fund in memory of Chester.

The full list of winners:

Best International Breakthrough - Waterparks

Best British Breakthrough - Creeper

Best International Band - One OK Rock

Best British Band - Neck Deep

Power Of Music Award - The Maine

The Real Alternative - While She Sleeps

Album Of The Year - All Time Low

Artist Of The Year - PVRIS

Hall Of Fame Award - Fall Out Boy

The Rock Sound Icon - Chester Bennington

Looking for a custom award? For over 40 years we have been proud to work with the biggest names in the world and to produce thought provoking and original awards for household brands. Whether you have an existing idea that you want to see transformed into your own award or need a bit of inspiration from our talented teams, contact Creative Awards via or call 020 8159 2748 for a quotation or to discuss any ideas that you may have.