Spring is in the air with our latest award February 20, 2017 12:28

Spring is in the air at the Creative Awards workshop! One of our latest custom acrylic awards that has been drawing quite a lot of attention in the office and across social media is the beautiful butterfly acrylic block. The bespoke award was designed and manufactured in-house and features - that's right - a butterfly in the centre of each award. 
To create the award, two pieces of optically clear acrylic, you can see through the body of the award without any distortion, are sealed together. What makes this award particularly special is the bright, colourful butterflies (no butterflies were harmed during production) in the centre of the piece. 

Commissioned by a major make-up brand that is a global leader within the world of cosmetics, we wanted to create something truly unique and spectacular that would, quite literally, place the brand at the heart of the award. What better way to show off the range of products and colours of the company than using their very own make up to create the butterflies. Eye catching eyeshadow, multi-tonal mascara and lavish lipsticks were lovingly used to paint the butterflies resulting in a spectacular blend of tones and shades. 

Each award features a unique colour palette highlighting the wide range of products that the company produces creating an award that best shows of the company's wares.

Not only does the award use the make up of the company but the butterflies are part of the company's brand and image. The result: A beautiful award that captures the essence of the company and blurs the line between award and art.