Terrific Tech Awards

Welcome back to the Creative Awards London blog where we bring you the very best custom awards and trophies in the industry. In today's blog we divide our digital from our analogue and dive into the world of 1s and 0s in our top tech themed awards. 

Technology has an ever increasing presence in our lives. From our mobile phones to the internet, email to cryptocurrencies it goes without saying that this will no doubt increase in the future. What better way to celebrate our digital overlords than looking at some of our top custom awards for tech businesses and companies.

Google Creative Academy Acrylic Award

Bespoke tech themed award Creative AwardsThis company needs no introduction. In fact, you may have found us through one of their products! One of the biggest companies in the world, not just within tech, Google is not just a tech giant but a tech mammoth. Commissioned by the big G, the custom Google Creative Academy Acrylic Award was an initiative and series of workshops that that brought together transformational technology, cutting edge thinking and unique experiences. The custom acrylic award was made from optically clear acrylic that draws inspiration from the iconic colours of the Google brand. 

VR Bound Acrylic and Aluminium Award

VR bespoke awardHeadsets at the ready as we leave the "real" world behind and enter the world of virtual reality. From gaming to surgery, virtual reality has been heralded as the next giant leap for consumers bridging the digital and the real world. Commissioned to celebrate the movers and shakers in the world of virtual reality, the sleek and futuristic award combines an acrylic body with metal numbers. HD graphics add extra detail and tone resulting in an award that captures the forward thinking spirit of those involved in making virtual reality the next big thing. 

Institute of Physics Aluminium Award

physics award Yes, yes we know that adding an award about physics to a technology blog is a bit left field BUT if it wasn't for the developments in physics we most likely wouldn't be sitting here typing on a computer. And, besides, its our blog. This stunning custom award is one of our most popular. The rectangular, bespoke body features  hand engraved equations such as the Heisenberg equation, Pauli Exclusion principle and Ampere’s law. Sitting on a gold base the award, enhanced by the elegance and geometry of equations, celebrates the world changing contributions of some of the world's greatest physicists. 

Acrylic and Aluminium Platinum Partner Award

Bespoke metal and aluminium awardMinimalist and futuristic the Acrylic and Aluminium Partner Award was commissioned by one of the world's leading tech providers. Soft aluminium interplays with warm red acrylic to create an eye catching and exciting award. Finished with engraved detailing and the branding of the company, this slick award is one for the ages. 

Mac User Award

mac user awardHow could we mention Google and not mention Apple? Again, this giant of the tech world was given the Creative Awards London touch with a custom award. An android figure (the Android iPhone debate rages on) was hand made from clay and then cast, using top secret techniques, to create the mould and finally the figurine. Simple, futuristic and to the point, this award celebrates the brilliance of design. 

There we have it! our top tech awards. For more information on our custom awards and to see how we can transform your awards ceremony contact our teams on sales@creativeawardslondon.co.uk or call 020 8159 2748 for a quotation or to discuss any ideas that you may have.