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Welcome back to the Creative Awards London blog, bringing you the very best in custom made awards and bespoke trophies. In today's blog post we turn our creative eyes towards celebrating a week of our very own bespoke metal awards.

Metal, arguably one of the finest creations of mankind. From buildings to automobiles, mobile phones to weapons, metal is undoubtably one of the most important materials across the manufacturing spectrum. Bespoke metal awards have become increasingly popular due to the versatile nature of the substance. Finishes, colours, textures all intermingle within metal allowing our experts to create one-off pieces that are unique. Let's have a look at some of them, shall we?

Runefest Gaming Award

metal dragon bespoke trophy for Runescape1999 saw many things occur across the world, the overhyped fear of the millennium bug. Prince's iconic hit being played endlessly, Manchester United winning the Premier League and the birth of a game that would become a global phenomenon. Played by over 1.3 million players a year, Runescape is one of the biggest games in the world. Creative Awards London produced a bespoke metal award for the Runefest Championship that brought together the world's best players and celebrated all that is Runescape. Made from aluminium, the custom made award features a dragon motive befitting of the ferocious fantasy game. Read more about the ceremony in our design blog

Gold Recognition Ingot Awards

Custom made gold aluminium blocks Brilliance and achievement were celebrated in our second entry of Metal Awards Week with the "Gold Recognition Ingot Awards". Minimalist and modern, the bespoke award is one of our most popular. Finished in a fine gold, the precision machine cut block is fully customisable and can be made in any colour to match any brand. What works amazingly well with this award is that it can be used in a variety of ways, as a paperweight, an award or even an ornament. 

Mr & Mrs Smith Awards

Black aluminium do not disturb sign custom made for Mr and Mrs SmithCommissioned by luxury boutique hotel company "Mr & Mrs Smith" the bespoke award is one of our favourite metal awards. Drawing inspiration from the world of travel, the body of the award is in the shape of an infamous "Do not disturb" sign. The unique piece is cut from a single piece of metal, creating a solid looking, and feeling, award. A sleek black finish with the company logo finished in gold leaf and engraving revels the silver aluminium underneath. 


THG lettered column custom made from metal awardThis spectacular metal award places the client branding and logo at the very heart of the piece. Made from a single block of aircraft grade aluminium, the award features the interlocking letters of the company. A cool grey finish highlights the brilliance of the design creating a modern and contemporary feel. Commissioned by a leading national company, the sleek award rewards longtime service within the business. 

The Irish Country Awards

Guitar profied neck made from aluminium and finished in gold awardAll that glitters is indeed gold. Our last entry in Metal Awards Week is a special commission for RTE's Irish Country Awards. A single piece of aluminium was specially cut to produce a headstock and tuning pegs of a guitar paying homage to the long standing singer songwriter dynamic within Irish Folk music. Looking good enough to play, the award is finished in a beautiful matte gold within ceremony and winner's details engraved revealing the soft, silver aluminium underneath.

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