Making the Trip Advisor Awards December 13, 2016 13:26

One of our latest bespoke awards, the Trip Advisor Community Awards honour members’ contributions within the travel community. Dubbed “The Ollies” after the famous corporate mascot Ollie the Owl, the categories are awarded on a world, regional and country level.

With over 90 million members from all four corners of the Earth, Trip Advisor is one of the biggest websites in the world. The community driven site allows users to share experiences and advice, rating and recommending the best places to eat, sleep and travel to. Such is the popularity of the site that the winners are taken from the top ten-thousandth of a percent of all members!

Taking inspiration from the famous “Ollie the Owl” logo, we created a bespoke award that is vibrant, fresh and fun. The award communicates the exploratory nature of the site keeping brand message firmly on point whilst celebrating the individuals who make Trip Advisor the go to website for restaurant, hotel and travel reviews. The bold elegant lines of the high-res back printed logo seamlessly blend into the round body of the award with the winner’s details and award category engraved on the base.  Acrylic Perspex was used for the award as its versatile and highly customisable nature allows for clean and colourful designs. Cut from a single piece of the material, the body is shaped in an elongated O, a special nod to Ollie, whilst the rectangular base with its sharp lines contrasts with the rounded profile of the logo.