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Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog where we showcase our latest bespoke awards and trophies. In today’s blog, we look into the historic symbols, motifs and designs of the United Kingdom as told through our awards.

Gold Pound Sign

British pound gold awardDid you know that the symbol of British currency has its roots based in continental Europe? Deriving from the Latin word “pounds” meaning weight, the symbol came to the UK through the Roman Empire. Indeed, the £ symbol can be traced back to an ornate styling of the L in Libra, another way of saying weight or pound. Inspired by the ancient symbol, the Gold Pound Signed as cast from a single piece of aircraft grade aluminium. In a nod towards money, the award was gold-plated as both a reference to the gold standard, of which the pound is pegged, and gold as a commodity. Commissioned by a leading financial institution, this pound is certainly worth its weight in gold. 

Visit England Tudor Rose

Tudor Rose AwardThe Tudor Rose has its origins in 13th century England but it wasn’t until the 15th Century that it came to be used more frequently. The rose symbolises the unification of the House of Lancaster and the House of York with the five white inner petals, representing the House of York, and the five red outer petals represent the House of Lancaster. Fast forward over 500 years and the Rose is a symbol decorates stately homes, battleships, bollards and more -  a true symbol of England. Commissioned by Visit England, our incarnation of the Tudor Rose was made from a hand modelled design that was used to case the final award in resin. The resin sculpture allows for intricate details to shine through, breathing life into the award and creating an organic, highly detailed final trophy.

Blind Veterans

blind veteransBlind Veterans has, for over 100 years, provided emotional and physical support to vision-impaired veterans. The remarkable charity helps ex-Service men and women lead independent and fulfilling lives by supporting them through their expertise and experience. Based on the National Flag of the United Kingdom The Union Jack, adopted in 1801, the award captures the dedication to veterans who have fought for our country. The bespoke acrylic plaque was entirely hand assembled and finished in house to create this magnificent and impressive design. What makes this award particularly special is that the back features a textured finish for the visually impaired recipients to feel. 

City of London Gryphon

Silver gryphon awardA legendary creature and a legendary city combine in our City of London Gryphon Award. Did you know that The gryphon is a beast with  the body, tail and back legs of a lion; the head, feet and wings of an eagle? Since antiquity gryphons were symbols of protection and thought to  guard treasures and priceless possessions. Statues of the beasts mark the entrances to the City of London and can be close to our Hatton Garden base. Commissioned by the City of London Corporation, an ornate, cast silver metal gryphon was created by hand and finished, lovingly we may add, with hand painted enamel detail.

Sutton Hoo Mask

Sutton Hoo MaskFound during a 1939 excavation of the Sutton Hoo ship-burial, the mask was buried around 625 and is widely believed to have belonged to King Rædwald of East Anglia (one of the first kings of the Angles). Made for a leading archeological association, the award is produced from a single piece of metal which was custom cut into the shape of the iconic early Anglo Saxon helmet. Highly polished aluminium, hand polished, contrasts with the lettering and detailing creating depth and texture to the award.

For more information on any of our awards (UK themed or not) and to request a quote, contact our team via or on 020 7242 4020. 

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