Colour Matched Awards

Colour-matched awards both accurately and faithfully replicate the colour scheme of your brand or event. Using the latest industry-leading technology and major colour-matching systems, Creative Awards are able to provide a bespoke colour-matching service. The high quality service allows for endless, exciting colour combinations using the very best paints, powders, Perspex acrylic and materials that add that wow factor to your event and keeps your awards on brand.

RAL Colour Standard

RAL is a colour-matching system used primarily in Europe that was created by the German RAL GmbH. Generally speaking, the RAL colour matching system is mainly used for varnishes and powder coating as well as in references for plastics and acrylics. RAL Classic, RAL Design and RAL F9 are three main colour reference charts that are used across the industry. View the RAL colour chart.

Pantone Colour Matching

Pantone is arguably the most famous and well-known colour matching service and has been used across the printing and manufacturing industries for over 90 years. Pantone is most commonly associated with colour matched paints but also can be expanded across plastics and fabrics. The Pantone system also allows for many special colours to be produced, such as metallics and fluorescent. The Pantone colour matching system is employed across the paints that feature on many of the wood and metal parts in our awards. View the Pantone colour chart.

British Standard Colour Charts

British Standard Colour is a colour system that was created in 1930 and is widely used across the British Commonwealth to standardise colour references. Since its creation it has been used in a variety of industries such as fabrics and textiles and, more commonly, painting and decorating. With the advent of other colour matching systems, BS Colour fell out of favour. However, BS to RAL and Pantone conversions make it easy to replicate the colours in the modern era. View the BS colour chart.

PERSPEX® Acrylic Colours

One of the most common materials used in our awards, Perspex employs its own in-house colour standard. Perspex acrylic colours are available in solid or opaque, translucent and transparent options that create various visual effects whilst maintaining the original colour of the brand. View the PERSPEX®  colour chart.