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We offer an exciting range of customisable 'Off the Shelf' awards, all of which are designed to help you perfectly capture your brand, on time and within an affordable budget. These personalised awards come in an extensive variety of materials, designs, sizes, finishes and colour options. Materials include wood, metal, acrylic, vinyl, glass, crystal glass and colours can even be matched to your own brand colours. Logos and text are applied in a variety of ways, including print, laser engraving and sand blasting. We have a wealth of design and production experience so we are best placed to help you with ideas to incorporate your logo, artwork, fonts and company colours within these truly adaptable, 'Off the Shelf' awards.When it comes to quality, every single one of our awards is assembled and finished individually by hand, is of a good heavy weight, and has high quality felt applied to the base. We know that this attention to detail is very important because it will reflect your own company brand and values. Please feel free to click on the Get a Price button for any of the 'Off the Shelf' awards so that we can give you your free quote and get your brand moving.
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