Resin Albatross Sculpture

Immortalised by both Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Iron Maiden, the albatross is written into the lore of sailing. Being followed by an albatross was considered to be a lucky omen by sailors across the globe. We consider the Albatross a good omen simply because of how proud we are of this bespoke resin award.  Crafted from a hand modelled clay master, the award was cast in resin and finished with a deep layer of gold spray. Resting on a hand cut black wood base extra detail was created with the engraved plaque detailing the recipient and event. The Resin Albatross Sculpture was commissioned for a private gold tournament. What's the significance of this bespoke trophy you may ask? It was commissioned for a golfing event where an albatross means scoring two under par, a very good omen if you ask us.

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