REUTPALA for The World Retail Congress by Gregory Polletta

Bespoke Award produced in collaboration with Gregory Polletta

Designed and Prototyped by Gregory Polletta and produced with his team at iGNITIATE , REUTPALA for the World Retail Congress was completed over a 300+ day R&D period with more than 10 international partners with prototype 3D metal printing technology connected to the ENPC PhD Engineering / MBA program in Paris, RCA's RapidFormRCA program London, Digits2Widgets, and the Imperial University London's Manufacturing Futures Lab part of the Mechanical Engineering 3D printing program. REUTPALA was hand finished in pure silver and gold electroplating by Creative Awards on custom black and white marble bases produced by  Lapicida with the finest Italian marble and custom cases produced by Puffin Plastics
REUTPALA is the juxtaposition of utpala - “longevity or renewal”, “to burst open”, “youth” and that of the future of retail.  REUTPALA is a symbol and when examined closely inside the victory of the spirit of giving and receiving with two hands is preserved. The typology of REUTPALA allows it to keep the brand identity of the World Retail Congress in a prominent position on a person’s desk yet obscured by the object itself, a reminder of the worldly spirit of giving and receiving as designed by Gregory.

The 2015 Inaugural, Yearly World Retail Congress Award was given to: 
  • Alberto Alessi Lifetime Achievement Award for Design and Retail
    Accepted by Matteo Alessi
  • Nitin Passi - Founder & CEO,
    Young Retail Entrepreneur of the Year
  • MudoRetail
    Transformation & Reinvention Award
  • PrimarkRetail
    Transformation & Reinvention Award
  • M&S "For Every Milestone"
    Retail Advertising Campaign of the Year
  • Hamleys World, Moscow by Fitch
    Store Design of the Year
  •, China
    e-Commerce Retailer of the Year
  • Alibaba
    Retailer of the Year
    Accepted by Jingming Li - Group VP & Head of US for Alibaba
The award was presented by Gregory at the Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria Hotel and covered by WRA London ;  InStore Magazine Italy; EIMAGAZINE Rome; Twitter at #WRC2015 and #WRA2015; iGNITIATE USA; Retail Week , UK; Hunt Review UK; Fashion Mag UK;  WRA UK;  Drapers UK;  WRC UK;  WRA London;  Chainstore Magazine , UK; Future Retail , UK; USA; Abomous USA; Toyworld , UK

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