A Plaque For Lisa

Creative Awards London were honoured to be tasked with creating a memorial plaque in memory of the late award-winning journalist Lisa Hammel. In today’s article we speak with her family, offer a recap of her inspiring career and share the purpose of the wonderful plaque.

Born in Brooklyn, Lisa’s love of journalism and storytelling was apparent from a young age and her passion led her to obtain a BA in journalism from New York University. After starting as a clerk at The New York Times, she was promoted to staff reporter, covering women's news and education. Lisa’s interest in the arts further saw her later write about crafts, artists and exhibitions and interviewed figures such as Edward Albee in their homes. She won a major journalism award in 1969 for an interview with Dr. Spock and, in 1978, she became the founding editor of Antiques World magazine. Always one to explore, whether through her work or travelling, a writing assignment led her to fall in love with the area of Rockport, MA, where she purchased a cottage and spent summers there for decades.

Lisa Hammel Journalist memorial plaque


Creative Awards London spoke with her second cousin Derek Bier about his memories of Lisa and the inspiration behind her memorial plaque. 

“Lisa Hammel was my second cousin. Her dad was my grandmother's brother. I met Lisa when she visited the UK for the first time in 1973, when I was 13. 10 years later I left on a three month visa exchange programme, visiting New York and Lisa on my way to Baltimore, where I had a job selling Good Humour ice-cream. Many years of US business and holidays with my wife Jacqueline and children Tom and Alexander saw us visit Lisa, either in New York/Manhattan or at her country residence (30 degree tilt shack) in Rockport, Massachusetts, where all the other buildings were multi-million dollar homes. Lisa was a one-off and we all truly loved her. Lisa made several trips to the UK for family celebrations and in later years my sister, Susan, and her husband Ellis, visited her and her family on several occasions. Clever, curious, funny, quirky, kind, a spitting image of my Grandmother, she is sorely missed. With the team at Creative Awards we designed, manufactured and placed, alongside a small crab apple tree, a plaque in her memory and the intention is to continue the trail from the UK to the US for future generations.”

Lisa memorial plaque


Crafted from FSC-approved oak, the memorial plaque was custom designed by our team with Derek and his family. Great attention was given to the design that was to, much like Lisa’s words and impact on the lives of many, be an inspiring tribute that would last. A special high build marine varnish was applied to preserve the longevity of the plaque and the two tone design was both contemporary and timeless. 

On behalf of all at Creative Awards London, we would like to thank Derek and his family for choosing our design studio for their memorial plaque.