Metal Awards | Design Ideas & Inspiration

Welcome back to the Creative Awards London blog where we bring you the latest developments from our studio where we create bespoke awards for the biggest events and brands. Our designers and engineers use a wide variety of materials when designing our bespoke awards. One of the most popular and visually impressive choices is the use of metal which allows for a huge range of styles and finishes that look equally awe-inspiring on stage and in the trophy cabinet. In today’s blog, we detail just why you should consider metal as the material for your awards. 

Colourful Finishes

When we think of the finishes that are used on metals we often think of gold, black and silver. However, metal doesn't have to be dull! Using the latest technologies and industry-leading expertise our teams craft beautifully designed, colourful metal awards.. Whether gloss or matt, the finishes that we apply to our designs can also be colour-matched using a variety of the world’s most popular and best-loved colour-matching systems. 

metal award design ideas


Infinite Shapes

Whether profiled or cast, the malleable nature of metal means that almost any shape is possible. Our expert teams are here to guide you as to the perfect design for your event or ceremony. Many of our team have a background in the jewellery industry allowing us to create complex cast metal designs such as the City of London Gryphon. Other inspiring and popular designs also include our metal column awards, Mr & Mrs Smith award and Solid Zebra Aluminium Award. These profiled, bulky awards add a sense of gravitas and a modern, minimalist feel. 

metal trophy ideas

Matt Finishes

A matt finish on metal is one of our most popular combinations. Creating a soft and shine free surface, the subtle style works well for larger surface areas and more abstract designs that do not need to be detailed. We often use aluminium in our designs and exposing the warming tone of the raw metal perfectly compliments a wide range of colours and, in particular, a matt finish that creates an exciting and rich combination. 

metal award inspiration

Gloss Finish

Polished metal is one of the most popular choices of finishes that we offer for our bespoke metal awards. The reflective surface lends itself well to designs that want to stand out and creates a celebratory feel for any event or awards ceremony. Often with gloss finishes, traditional colours such as gold and silver work exceptionally well. One of our newest designs that inverses the idea of a shiny award is our Gold Vortex Award. Cut from a single piece of aircraft grade aluminium, the award features a brilliant internal mirrored finish - the gold vortex if you will. 

Metal Trophy design ideas

Mixed-media Metals

Combing materials is one of the most effective methods to maximise the properties of each component and mixing metal with other materials is no exception. Wood and Perspex acrylic are the most used materials that accentuate and enhance the metal with which they are paired. Our Red and Gold Skyscraper Award uses machined Perspex acrylic that is mounted to a solid aluminium block for a tactile feel that showcases the best of both materials used. 

Metal trophy design

For more information about any of our awards featured, contact our studio via or call 020 8159 2747.