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Making The Immortals

Making The Immortals

In today’s blog we celebrate our two year anniversary with our friends over at The Immortals with a behind the scenes look into the making of their unforgettable award. 

Immortals CAD DesignGood designs start with a concept. Great designs start with an idea. The Immortals, celebrating the idea that good ideas never die, contrast the macabre aesthetics of a skull and death with that immortality achieved through creativity. Our designers drew inspiration from this twist on death and set to work creating a stylised skull that would be instantly recognisable within the creative industries. The initial design was mocked up using the latest CAD software before being rendered in its final form and being signed off by our client. 

The Immortals AwardsTo capture the organic feel of the award and highlight the contours, texture and tones, we worked closely with the team at the Materials Department of UCL to 3D print a master mould of the design. 3D printing technology was chosen as it allows for a scalable and repeatable design that would permit, during the casting process, the intricacies of the design to be replicated. From the master mould a negative cast was created that we filled with a high quality resin. The organic nature of the casting process faithfully allowed for the details of the design to be captured with the resin adding a tactile feel through its weighty nature and the texture created on the award itself. 


Sanding of AwardsOnce cast, each award was hand-sanded and prepped for the painting process to ensure a uniform finish and to remove any extra bits of resin that can occur within the casting process. Sanding also allowed for additional texture on the piece that would help the paint to adhere to the surface of the resin. 


Spray painting AwardsA high-quality gloss paint was chosen which would create a smooth, silky finish to the skulls. By spray painting the skulls we were able to create a consistent finish and evenly apply the paint to the unusual shape. Importantly for an award that was to be presented on stage, it was vital to apply a varnish paint that would stand out and capture the attention of the crowds at the presentation.


Immortal AwardBlack aluminium was chosen for the base with the matte, anodised finish contrasting with the glossy finish of the skulls to create a point of difference and contrast. The presentation plate was engraved, given a reflective polished finish before both skull and plate were attached to the base.

Creative Awards London would like to thank all at Little Black Book Online for their business. For more information on the award or to enquire, contact our teams via or call 020 8159 2748.

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