Travelling in Lockdown with Creative Awards

As lockdown continues across the world we at Creative Awards are looking, nay reminiscing, on previous travels to far flung lands. When going to the local supermarket or into the next town seems like an epic journey of Tolkienesque proportions, we cast our eyes onto our travel themed awards as we long to get away from it all. 

Saint Lucia 

saint lucia awardThe small Carribean island of St Lucia is up there as one of the most desired locations for a beach holiday and island getaway. The luscious green palm trees, golden beaches and clear waters attract tourists from the world over in search of sun, sea sand and erm… ahem! Whilst travelling to the island is a certain no go at the moment the next best thing is our custom made St Lucia award.  Commissioned by the tropical island’s tourist board, the bespoke award is made from custom acrylic lettering that rests on a metallic base. High res bright and colourful graphics and that finishing touch as we channel the sunshine of this stunning island.

Scottish Bar and Pub Awards

Scottish bar awardsLock down or are you down to go to the lochs? Red haired maidens, burly bearded men and rugged landscapes, an escape to Scotland, perhaps Edinburgh?, would be a most welcome break for our team right now. With over 4,000 pubs and bard a night out in Scotland certainly wouldn’t go wanting for a choice of venue. Our friends in charge of the Scottish Bar and Pub Association approached our team to create an award that would celebrate this proud nation and the fine drinking establishments found within. The audl country forms the body of the award and is cut from a single piece of acrylic showing that Scotland and its historical drinking venues are something to be cherished. 

Swiss Jag Award

Swiss travel awardFine chocolate and an even finer banking system, the land locked country of Switzerland is the theme for our next award. Swiss engineering is renowned across the world for its intricate sophistication and style and we duly channeled the design prowess in the Swiss Jag Award.  Made from optically clear acrylic, the award features a precision engineered red jag that creates an eye catching counterpoint to the main body of the award. Drawing inspiration from the national colour of Switzerland the award features high resolution, rear printed graphics on the body of the design.

Visit England Resin Tudor Rose

visit england awardAfter our brief tour across the world we head back to the green pastures of England with the Visit England Tudor Rose Award. One of the national symbols of England, the Tudor rose consists of five white inner petals, representing the House of York, and five red outer petals to represent the House of Lancaster and its superiority to the House of York. A hand modelled rose was used in the resin casting process to create the mould for the final awards. Resin was chosen as the material as it allows for great detail and a soft, organic feel in the final piece. To finish, a custom wood base was created which proudly holds the Tudor Rose aloft.

City of London silver metal Gryphon 

City of London awardHow we miss our London! The strolls through the great parks, quitely quaffing a pint in our local pub, live music venues that attract such unparalleled talent. An ode to the great city, where we are conveniently based, the City of London Award mythical beast that is the symbol for this incredible city. In use since 1381, the gryphon can be found across London and is used to denote the boundaries of the City of London. To create this extra special award commissioned by the City of London Corporation, an ornate, cast silver metal gryphon was created and finished, lovingly we may add, with hand painted enamel detail.

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