Awards of the Year 2019

Welcome back to the Creative Awards London blog as we round off a huge 2019. What better way to celebrate the end of the year than looking back on five of our top awards? Well, of course a better way to celebrate would be by winning the lottery, marrying a supermodel or being bought out by a Russian oligarch for billions. Sadly, it seems that this isn’t happening this year. But! To brighten your spirits in the cold grasp of winter, have a look at these bloody impressive awards we’ve made. 

World Athletics

World Athletics Award 2019Straight out of the blocks we start with the World Athletics Awards. Since 1982, the awards have been given to elite athletes who have achieved excellence within their discipline. Household names adorn the lengthy list of winners: Usain Bolt, Sally Gunnell and this year the man who run a marathon in under two hours; Eliud Kipchoge. Creative Awards London produced a series of awards for the event for both the best male and female athlete as well as those who broke world records. 

Edinburgh Fringe Awards

EdinburghWe’re a funny bunch down at Creative Awards London. Merriment, mirth and middle-of-the-road jokes is what we specialise in (aside from custom awards). Whilst we may not winning any awards for our banal humour, we certainly know a few people much more deserving than ourselves. Arguably the greatest comedy award in the world, certainly within the UK, the Edinburgh Fringe Awards have become a cultural icon within the entertainment calendar. Famous winners include Monty Python, Stephen Fry and Dylan Moran with the awards serving as a launchpad to comedic greatness. 

Immortal Skull Awards

The Immortal AwardsAdding to our ever-growing portfolio of advertising awards, the Immortals (because good ideas never die) are the awards ceremony of Little Black Book Online, a one-stop directory, organisation and celebration of the very best in advertising. Famously only allowing one submission per agency, now in its second year the awards have continued to recognise excellence across advertising and PR.

Trek Block

Trek AwardMaple is laser engraved in our new series of Wooden Block Awards. Commissioned by bike group extraordinaire Trek, the award features custom designed graphics laser engraved onto the FSC-approved wooden block. Burnt amber tones, deep browns and warming shades of chestnut capture the beauty and simplicity of the laser engraving process. What’s more,the fine detail on the custom graphics capture the brand in a playful and eye-catching way. 

Docs Ireland

Docs IrelandBringing together the very best film makers from across the country, the Docs Ireland Awards are a veritable showcase of the art of filmmaking. To celebrate the event, we created the Acrylic Aperture award, inspired by the shutter mechanism on SLR cameras. The award features eight interlocking layers of acrylic that come together to form the body of the piece. A fetching dark green kept the award on brand before it was engraved with the winner’s details. Sláinte!