Winter Awards 2020

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, crisp blue skies, hands so cold you wonder if you can even button up your jacket to shield yourself from the icy grasp of the cutting wind. Ah winter, we meet again. As Jack Frost descends across the county we want to keep our dear readers inspired and what better way to do so than with our winter themed custom awards that are sure to brighten up these long, cold nights. 

The Chainsaw Award

Acrylic chainsaw and logThrow a log on the fire, snuggle in and bask in your own manliness. Lumberjacking may not be our forte but it inspired our custom award for the World’s most popular chainsaw manufacturer. Cut from FSC-approved logs, the Acrylic Chainsaw award serves as inspiration to cut down trees, have our lunch and hang around in bars. 

Flat Cap

Flat Cap AwardConjuring up garbled phrases such as “reet” and “that’ll do nicely” we celebrate one of Yorkshire’s finest exports - after their cracking tea - with the Flat Cap Award. Truly a staple of any self respecting Northerner or wheeler dealer, the flat cap is nod to winter headwear. Framed in an elegant box, this fashionable award is sure to keep you warm as you brave the cold streets of Humberside. Sadly, we were not able to give out whippets to accompany this one. 

Ice Awards

Ice AwardsEmbracing the chill we move onto an award so cool that it makes Samuel L Jackson look positively boring. The Ice Awards are a triumphant celebration of Boreas (that’s the Greek God of winter if you didn’t know) and are made from various tones of custom tinted acrylic Perspex. A secret technique was used to create texture on the piercing iceberg while careful acrylic engineering was applied to the body to create the bubble effects that sit within the piece. 

Cast Resin Chili Award

Cast resin Chilli AwardNothing beats some warming food on a cold day. Indeed, our chili award, elegantly cast from resin, is a winter warmer par excellence. Simple, effective and fun the award may be minimal but certainly packs a punch. 

Copper Stag Award

Copper Stag AwardIf you’re not in the mood for some spicy food then can we, perhaps, tempt you with a wee dram of the good stuff? The clinking of glasses, the pungent aromas of esters, phenols and woods as you inhale from the glass whetting your tastebuds and livening up your nostrils. The Copper Stag is a celebration of one of the finest Scotch whisky manufacturers and is just the thing to turn those chilly frowns upside down. The base is made from hand worked oak barrels which have been used in the manufacture of sherry, giving the award a strong, sweet smell of alcohol and, further in homage to the distilling process, the head of the award is made from copper used in to distill the centuries old drink.

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