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Back To School

Back To School

As summer languidly folds into autumn (well, summer in the very broadest sense of the word) September greets us with a flurry of action as children up and down the country head back to school. As parents breathe a sigh of relief and teachers start to plan just how they can numb those feelings of 'what the hell am I doing with my life', we celebrate those giddy school days with five awards to celebrate going back to school.

D & AD Pencils

D and AD PencilsReading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic; the fundamental basis for the highly educated and tenacious nation of learners our dear schools (Tory cuts notwithstanding) are producing. The D and AD pencils are, without a doubt, the most highly prized award within the global creative, design and advertising communities. Representing and symbolising the very finest in commercial creativity the pencil, a symbol to the unlimited possibilities of the creativity of the human spirit, are difficult to win and even harder to manufacture. Made from FSC-approved wood and finished with a high gloss finish, we invite schoolchildren, thinkers, dreamers and creatives everywhere to embrace their inner child and celebrate creativity in all its forms. 

Bookkeeper Awards

resin monk awardBlessed are the bookkeepers! Is that the phrase? It seems that R.E was never our strong point although the phrase does have a nice ring to it. Cast from a specially constructed multi-part mould, the Monks combine modern casting materials with traditional techniques to produce a detailed statue. You can even make out the pages of the book he's holding. But why a monk? The inventor of accounting as we know it was a Florentine friar named Luca Pacioli, and it is in his honour that these awards take the shape of a monk. 

Dr Martens Boots

DM boot awardOne of our favourite elements of going back to school was the new shoes and hand-me-down uniforms our parents worked so industriously to provide. No self-respected schoolkid, or punk for that matter, ought to be seen without a pair of DMs. The iconic brand, associated with counterculture and anti-authority, is just the thing to tell the kids “don’t believe everything you read,” encouraging their inquisitive little minds and deferring, ever so slightly, to authority. 

Resin Shirt

shirt“Tuck that bloody shirt in, boy!” bellowed our beloved teachers to us on a somewhat regular basis as we cahooted down the vinyl floored hallways on the way to the playground. Jumpers for goalposts, top buttons undone and uniforms that looked so smart they could be given a PhD from Oxford. We embrace formality, and looking good, with this custom made resin award for shirtmaker T.M Lewin. The award was firstly hand modelled in clay to enable us to produce a silicone mould from which resin casts were taken. This process allows for a high level of detail and creates a natural, organic feel to the custom award. To finish, the body of the award was mounted onto a golden upright and a rich, brown mahogany base to compliment the bright gold.

Neon Rulers

neon rulerThe ruler, a symbol of the masterfullness of precision or of corporal punishment? What we do know is that our neon rulers are some of the best in the business.  The minimalist award that is certainly more than the sum of its parts, these bespoke, custom cast rulers were commissioned by a leading design company. Each individually cast fluorescent ruler is complete with the logo of the company and measurements. 

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