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Gold Coloured Award Ideas and Inspiration

Gold Coloured Award Ideas and Inspiration

Welcome back to the Creative Awards London blog where we showcase the very best in our custom made awards and designs. Now, as the old saying goes, ‘All that glitters is gold’. Well, what if it is gold but doesn’t glitter? Does the tone of the gold matter? We aren’t quite sure to be frank. What we are sure of is that if you are looking for gold coloured award inspiration and design ideas then our blog entry is just the thing for you. A Midas touch if you will as  in this week’s entry we showcase five of our top gold coloured awards to offer you some ideas to design your very own gold coloured award.

Acrylic Teardrop Award

Gold coloured acrylic TES AwardWe kick start the week with the star of the show, see what we did there, and the acrylic teardrop award. Made from optically clear acrylic Perspex, the award features a custom cut body in the shape of a teardrop. To add that Creative Awards London touch of magic, a bespoke design was printed and rear mounted onto the award. The golden stars not only contrast to the rounded shape of the piece but are also a cheeky nod towards the teaching profession (celebrated in the award) and the gold stars you may (or may not) have received in days gone by.  

Sausage Award

Gold resin sausage awardThe humble British banger is elevated to a thing of beauty in our award for the pork industry. The deceptively simple award was originally made as a clay model which was custom cast into the final resin form. We chose resin as it allows for a great deal of detail to be captured resulting in an organic, life-like shape. To finish, the award was coated in a special gold coloured paint to capture the importance of the event and add that special touch.

Eight Aluminium Ring Award

Eight Aluminium AwardWe are often told that we run rings around our competition and this award certainly adds to that. One of our most popular designs, the custom award featured bespoke cut aluminium interlocking rings. The thick cut rings create a modern feel and offer a weight leading to a satisfying feel in the hand. Finished with a coating of gold paint, this custom designed trophy was commissioned by one of the world’s most well-known brands. Can you guess what it is?

Gold Cryptocurrency Award

Golden coloured cryptocurrecny awardAs the inevitable economic meltdown, due to the cyclical nature of late stage capitalism, beckons what better way to diversify your portfolio than through cryptocurrency? The brilliance of this award shows that gold can act as a beautiful secondary colour that compliments and enhances other colours within a design. Coupled with black, gold lends itself to a luxurious and prestigious feel. Certainly welcome at any celebratory event we think.

M Award

gold award ideas m awardWe round off the week with a the M Award, a minimalist take on a classic human form award. The futuristic award is cut from a single piece of aircraft grade aluminium and creates a silhouette of a human figure holding a custom machined italic m aloft. The abstract golden figure elegantly rests upon a blue, round base that is engraved with the details of the event and the winner’s details.

We hope our gold inspired awards have inspired you to go out there and design an amazing award of your own. However, should you need some advice on designing an award or are looking for a no obligation quote, contact our specialist teams via or call 020 8159 2748.

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