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Scottish themed awards

Scottish themed awards

Fresh on the heels of our latest show-stopping award for The Edinburgh Comedy Awards, we celebrate all that is bonnie Scotland in our latest blog. Before we showcase our amazing Scottish themed awards, we ask what does Scotland mean to you? Gruff accents and equally bewildering tones? Destitution and derelict buildings? Or, dear reader, do you think of the flowing rivers and brooks? The orange-haired maidens? The vast expanses of untouched, green lands? Evidently, Scotland means many things to many people and, we hope, our Scottish themed awards mean something to you.

Edinburgh Comedy Awards

Edinburgh Comedy AwardsAs iconic as an Irn Bru can trampled in a field, the Edinburgh Fringe Awards have been at the cutting edge of comedy and provided a launchpad for some of the biggest names and stars in the industry for over 30 years  Colloquially known as the Eddies, these awards are serious business and are seen as the Oscars of comedy. Made from custom cut brushed aluminium in the shape of the sponsor's logo, the bespoke awards rest upon a black Perspex acrylic base, engraved with the details of the famous festival and recipient. 

Scottish Bar and Pub Awards 

Scottish bar and pub awards Wreck the hoose juice, Cumbernauld Rocket Fuel and Buckie Baracas are just a few names by which the famous Buckfast is known. However, we are sure that you will agree that Scotland is much more than a bottle of Buckie. Scottish pubs conjure up images of beaming locals, towering pints of frothing beer and a welcome retreat from the stresses of the day. Food, community and the best drinks around are celebrated in the Scottish Bar and Pub Awards, masterfully created from custom cut Perspex acrylic in the shape of the auld country. 

Copper Stag

Copper Stag AwardAh, what would this blog be without a nod towards a wee dram of the good stuff? Commissioned by one of the most famous producers of Scotch in the world this award captures the essence of the centuries old process that goes into making whiskey. The award features a profiled copper outline of the brand’s logo - a nod towards the copper vats used in the distilling process - and rests on a base made from oak barrels. The barrels you may ask? Well, after the distilling process the barrels are used to refine, age and transform the harsh liquor into a perfumed, peaty taste extravaganza. 

Flat Cap

Flat Cap AwardScottish fashion has made inroads the world over. From the humble kilt that glorifies a rugged, open manliness to swathes of tartan worn by chavs the length and breadth of the country, Scottish fashion is serious business. What better way to celebrate than with the flat cap - worn across the highlands by fashionistas and farmers alike. A simple award for a simple peoples some might say, the piece features a boxed flat cap. Is it art? Is it an award? You decide. 

For more information on any of the awards featured or to speak to a member of our team about designing a custom award, contact us via or call 020 8159 2748.


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