Wall Plaque Design Ideas and Inspiration

Welcome back to the Creative Awards London blog where we bring you the very best in our custom awards and offer our top design advice. In today's blog, we give you our thoughts on how to design a wall plaque and look at some of our previous works to inspire you to create your own bespoke wall plaque.

So, you've decided to create a wall plaque and need some help? Don't worry, our team are on hand to help. Wall plaques make a fantastic way to celebrate the achievements of both those special teams and individuals who make your company great. A wall plaque, elegantly designed and fitted, can make a great statement in the reception of your building or office and says to those potential and existing clients who meet you all about your company. Using the latest technology, our teams create exciting, eye-catching designs that look great and stand the test of time. we've chosen five of our wall plaques to help light your creative spark and produce something amazing.

Nando's Burnt Wood Award

wall plaque idea in woodWe kickstart our wall plaque inspiration with this spicy number for Nando's. A global phenomenon, the restaurant chain is known for it's delicious grilled chicken and peri-peri sauces. We drew inspiration from the famous chicken and used a special effect to sear the wood in homage to the cooking methods used. We used a special FSC-approved wood that has a beautiful grain and contrasted it with the etched designs. The flame shaped space in the centre created an interesting counter point to the graphics and textures. 




Resin Wall Plaque 

resin plaque design ideaAs you may or may not know, resin holds a special place in our design hearts. The versatile material can be used to capture fine details with a very organic feel. We used resin to produce this custom made plaque resulting in a plaque that looks wooden yet is lighter and far more detailed than what could be achieved using traditional wood working methods. The cast bronze resin creates a timeless an traditional feel with a highly detailed tree in the centre, the leaves almost look like they are blowing in the wind, with the details of the commission underneath. 





Blind Veterans UK Laminated Acrylic Plaque  

custom made wall plaque for Blind Veterans UKA colourful commission, the Blind Veterans Plaque is one of our most popular wall plaque designs. We created a stencil and overlaid custom cut acrylic to create the final version. A simple design, the wall plaque uses the colours of the charity and the Union Jack to create a modern and contemporary feeling wall plaque. The choice of material means that the award is light yet strong. The plaque features the name of the award and details printed in braille on the reverse. 


Rugby World Cup Wall Plaque 

metal wall plaque for rugby world cupCommissioned to celebrate the accommodation chosen to host various world Cup teams, the Rugby World Cup plaque is a traditional metal wall plaque. We kept the design simple by using a traditional brushed metal plaque and ensuring that the purpose of the plaque could be easily understood and was clear. The logo of the rugby world up is eye catching whilst the clear text, hand engraved we add, below allows the reader to easily understand the plaque's purpose. 


Lexus Acrylic Lattice Wall Plaque 

Lexus wall plaqueCreative Awards London were approached by the Luxury Japanese car company to produce a wall plaque that would celebrate the achievements of their employees. We created a duel effect by using a custom designed acrylic body, the intricate parts a nod towards the advanced engineering and production processes, overlaid with a metal sheet with the details on. The slick black plaque captures the feel of the brand whilst the design remains fresh and on message. 



Looking for more wall plaque ideas and inspiration? Contact our teams today via sales@creativeawardslondon.co.uk or call 020 8159 2748.