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Resin Cast Awards | Ideas & Inspiration

Resin Cast Awards | Ideas & Inspiration

Welcome back to the Creative Awards London blog where we bring you the very latest bespoke awards for the biggest brands and events. Last week started the first in our new series where we explored how to choose an award that uses acrylic encapsulation. In today’s blog, the second part in our series, we look at why to choose resin as your material of choice when considering a bespoke award. 

What is resin casting?

Resin casting is a process that is commonly used in both design and in engineering and is one that captures detail and lends itself well to organic shapes. Resin casting involves pouring liquid material into the cavity mould. At Creative Awards London, we work with expert artists who hand-craft original sculptures that are then used to create the moulds used for our resin casting. 

How is resin casting achieved?

As the name suggests, resin casting is a casting process that involves the use of synthetic resin. In resin casting, liquid synthetic resin is mixed with a curing agent — typically at room temperature or near-room temperature. Next, the two substances are poured into a mould cavity. The curing agent then converts the resin into rigid polymers, essentially hardening it. After this chemical reaction has finished, the hardened casting is ejected and removed from the mould cavity before being finished with paint, hand polished and set into the award design. 

Thanks to the skill and artistry of our designers, our cast resin awards carry a huge amount of detail and work incredibly well with textured designs that require greater detail. Below we have chosen a selection of our cast resin awards to inspire your own designs.

Teenage Cancer Trust

Creative Awards are honoured to have been involved with the Teenage Cancer Trust's 2017 Royal Albert Hall concerts. The famed charity has, for over 18 years, rocked the venue in order to raise funds and awareness to combat cancer in young people. The bespoke award was created in close collaboration with artist, designer and director Jamie Hewlett of Gorillaz and Tank Girl fame. The resin statue created from an original design by Jamie features a cast aluminium guitar and rests upon a wooden base. Each award is finished with a signature from Roger Daltrey who is patron of the remarkable charity.

Resin casting ideas


Albatross Award

Immortalised by both Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Iron Maiden, the albatross is written into the lore of sailing. Being followed by an albatross was considered to be a lucky omen by sailors across the globe. We consider the Albatross a good omen simply because of how proud we are of this bespoke resin award.  Crafted from a hand modelled clay master, the award was cast in resin and finished with a deep layer of gold spray. Resting on a hand-cut black wood base, extra detail was created with the engraved plaque detailing the recipient and event. The Resin Albatross Sculpture was commissioned for a private gold tournament. What's the significance of this bespoke trophy you may ask? It was commissioned for a golfing event where an albatross means scoring two under par, a very good omen if you ask us.

Resin casting ideas

Monk Statues

A hand-sculpted model was produced for the master copy of the monk statue before a specially constructed multi-part mould was created. The mould was filled with resin to create the individual statues to be used in the award. We felt it important to combine traditional techniques as a nod to the ancient industry. Once the individual monks had been created, a thin layer of bronze finish was applied by hand to create a rustic yet celebratory finish to the design. To finish the magnificent monks, a custom rounded base was created from a deep rich, FSC-approved piece of wood to complement the gold colour of the award. 

cast resin award ideas

NME “Brat” Awards

Possibly the most famous award to spring forth from the Creative Awards London studio, the NME “Brat” Awards are the original anti-award. Rumour has it that the design was captured from the hand of a mysterious man named Doug - further rumours suggest he did leave with his hand intact - and is a joyous symbol of the punk origins of the magazine. Made from a bespoke mould, the bronze-finished cast resin hand rests upon a wooden base with a gold ID bracelet bearing the winner’s (and loser’s) name.

cast resin trophy ideas

Visit England Rose

The White Cliffs of Dover, the green, rolling hills of Kent and the spirit of England captured in one single award. A Tudor rose was given the Creative Awards treatment in this special commission for Visit England. One of the nation's symbols, the body of the award is made from a hand modelled design that was used to case the final award in resin. 

cast resin award design and ideas

For more information about any of our bespoke resin awards featured or to discuss the awards for your next event, contact our team via or call 020 8159 2747. 

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