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Our All Star Cast

Our All Star Cast

Welcome back to the Creative Awards London blog where we showcase the very best bespoke awards and trophies in the business. Our custom made awards have graced the biggest events and ceremonies over the past four decades and we are proud to continuously push the boundaries to create thought provoking and original awards.In today's blog post we look at our recent Resin Albatross Sculpture awards and showcase some of our most popular resin awards.

Creative Awards London were recently commissioned by a private golf event to create a one off, unique award that would be treasured by the recipients. Now, golf isn't a game we know too well down in the workshop but that didn't stop our imaginative minds having a field day coming up with an eye catching design. 

When you think of golf what do you think of? Men whacking balls into holes with large sticks? The gentle sound of a fantastic approach shot landing on the green? The strange words used to describe being under or over par? In fact, we think of all of these ideas and more. we expanded on the traditional scoring in the sport to design the trophy. 

  • Bogey - Going one over par, not the catchiest of names.
  • Par - Scoring even on the course. A fine achievement but we wanted something a bit more special.
  • Birdie - Now we're talking. The score for getting 1 under par.
  • Eagle - A majestic bird but not quite impressive enough. 2 under par.
  • Albatross - We could be on to something here. An incredible 3 under par.
  • Condor - 4 under par. To put this into perspective, this would be scoring a hole in one on a par 5 course. Incredibly, this score has only been recorded 4 times since 2008 and never in a professional tournament.


    Resin Sculpture AwardWe decided to choose the albatross, a majestic bird that is the stuff of legends. Indeed, not only is it in golf where this bird makes an appearance. Immortalised by Samuel Taylor Coleridge in the Rime of the Ancient Mariner and, of course, in the epic metal track by Iron Maiden. According to sailing lore, if an albatross follows a ship it is a good omen. We've never had an albatross follow our ship but we sure know how to make one.

    To start we created a hand crafted  clay master model that allowed us to create a natural model that would be used to create the resin award. High density resin was poured into the mould filling each space to leave a highly detailed and organic looking finish. To add a luxurious feel gold paint was used that was specifically chosen to coat the resin but allow the details to not be obscured by the coat of paint. To finish, our Resin Albatross Sculpture was rested on a hand cut wooden base complete with personalised engraving plate. 

    Our cast resin awards have proved to be one of our most popular materials. We've chosen two of our favourite resin awards to showcase in our blog for you.

    Teenage Cancer Trust Award

    TCT Award by CADesigned by Jamie Hewlett and made by Creative Awards London, this trophy captures the essence of Jamie's unique and talented style. Whats more, the trophy was commissioned by the Teenage Cancer Trust and is awarded to the artists who help to raise money by raising the roof at the Royal Albert Hall through their annual fundraising concerts.

     The NME Awards

    NME Awards resin by Creative AwardsCompleting our trifecta of resin awards we choose the NME Award. The original anti-award that has become as iconic as the stars who receive it. Cast from the hand of a mysterious man named Doug, the resin captures the details and nooks and crannies of Doug's proudly raised middle finger.

    For more information about any of our awards and to receive a free quotation, contact our teams via or call 020 8159 2748 for a quotation or to discuss any ideas that you may have.

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